Valentine's Day is fast approaching, and now is the chance to express your feelings for that special someone. To ensure this Valentine‚Äôs Day is as special as possible, we've compiled a list of cute Valentine‚Äôs gift ideas for your partner. Whether they're a new love, long-term partner, or best friend, they‚Äôll be delighted by your thoughtful selection of Valentine's Day gifts. 

So, if you're in the market for sweet and simple Valentine's Day gifts, you’re in the right place!


12 Unique Valentine’s Day Gifts

Struggling for ideas on what to get someone for Valentine's Day? Look no further! A curated gift box is the ultimate solution to your gift-giving woes. With an assortment of items to choose from, the pressure is off to find the perfect Valentine's Day gifts. 

There‚Äôs nothing more personal than a gift that shows how well you know someone, so make it personal by selecting a gift that fits your relationship. Spark the romance with a sweet surprise for a new flame, show your sentimental side with a cozy keepsake for a long-time love, or have some at-home spa fun with a BFF. 

Regardless of your relationship status, Unboxme has a treasure trove of romantic and thoughtful Valentine gift ideas for your special someone. Check out this list of creative Valentine’s Day gifts for inspiration!

1. Hug in a Box

Send your significant other the ultimate gift that stands above all other Valentine's Day gifts. With love and adoration, give them a Hug in a Box, and let them know how much joy they add to your life. Show your appreciation for all they do with the gift of self-care and some much-deserved ‚Äúme-time‚ÄĚ with a scented candle, hot bath, and pair of warm socks. And because no time spent treating oneself is complete without a tasty treat, we have provided them with various tasty morsels! 

Each care package is wrapped in a lovely pink box and packed by hand with tenderness. Add a personal touch by including a greeting card with warm words of love and admiration, written just for the recipient. Your Valentine will be carried away on a cloud of comfort and joy with this Hug in a Box.


2. Fresh Flowers 

Flowers should be included in any Valentine's Day gift. However, real flowers don‚Äôt represent the everlasting nature of your love. So this year, spoil your sweetheart with a gift that never fades. Sweep them off their feet with the delightful melodies of Nordic full-leaf tea, harmonized with a charming petite diffuser that emits a captivating aroma of gardenia and jasmine. This bundle of joy is also sprinkled with delectable, melt-in-your-mouth milk chocolate toffee for the ultimate sweet treat. 

Say farewell to flowers that wilt and embrace a timeless and unforgettable gift. Make this Valentine's Day a bright and joyful expression of your everlasting love with a bouquet that puts traditional flowers to shame!


This time of year can be stressful for anyone and the winter blues have usually set in by mid-February. Well, it’s time for everyone to enjoy a little bit of zen. Spoil your beloved with a Valentine's Day gift box that delivers a sumptuous spa-like experience that will delight their senses and calm their spirit. Ease the stress of daily life with a specially crafted gift box that will revive and invigorate.

Treat your dearest with a cup of lavender mint tea, delicately laced with a hint of licorice, to provide a serene and focused beginning to the day. Let the delightful fragrance of the accompanying candle or diffuser permeate the atmosphere, elevating productivity while exuding an aura of peace and serenity. As the day draws to a close, give them a leisurely soak in the calming bath infused with the natural essence of the Coastal Calm bath bomb. Nurture their skin with a revitalizing face mask that hydrates and rejuvenates, and lull them into a restful slumber with the luxurious blue eye mask, crafted from the finest mulberry silk. This Valentine's Day, express your love with a gift that touches their heart and their soul.


4. Pop The Champagne

As February 14th draws near, it's time to do something special to celebrate the national day of romance. What better way to do that than with a festive gift box? Designed to make your special someone feel celebrated and adored, this Pop the Champagne gift box is the essence of romance.

Nothing is more festive than popping a bottle of champagne and sipping it by the fire with someone you love. Our gift box is a foolproof set of Valentine's Day gifts that will make anyone feel special. With its champagne-infused popcorn, Old Hollywood dark chocolate, gold champagne tumbler, gorgeous pink gift box, and custom greeting card is like sending a message directly from the heart. It's Valentine's Day, so why not celebrate by breaking out the bubbly and toasting to your love?


5. Winter Spice

Indulge that special someone in your life in a magical winter wonderland experience this Valentine's Day with our specially-curated gift box. Escape the bleakness of winter and bask in the warmth of a comforting cup of vegan, ethically-sourced Winter Spice hot chocolate. The gift box includes a stunning snow-white mug, perfect for cradling the rich, velvety cocoa with a hint of cinnamon, coconut, and nutmeg.

Pair the hot chocolate with our irresistible dark chocolate caramels, dusted with a touch of sea salt, for a decadent treat. With its aromatic blend of nutmeg and clove, a luxurious soy candle will set the mood for a cozy night-in. And to complete the experience, a reed diffuser infused with a fresh scent will bring a touch of tranquility to their day. Hand-packed in a luxurious gift box, this gift will surely bring a smile to your loved one's face.


6. Rest + Recharge

Valentine's Day is all about lavishing your loved one with the devotion and attention they give you all the other days in the year. What better way to show someone how much you care than with a well-curated gift basket that shows just how much you value them? For cool Valentine's gifts that will leave them feeling rested and cool as a cucumber, choose the Rest + Recharge gift box.

Give your Valentine the gift of pampering. This thoughtfully crafted set of self-care items will make them feel rejuvenated, nurtured, and loved. This box is brimming with high-end comfort items, such as aromatherapy bath salts and essential oils, to help your loved one unwind. A sheet mask adds a touch of luxury to their self-care routine. Give the gift of rejuvenation this Valentine's Day with our Rest + Recharge gift box.


7. On The Rocks

Transform your man's at-home happy hour into a luxurious experience with this delightful cocktail-themed (or mocktail) gift box. Perfect for sipping and savoring, this curated collection of hand-selected essentials includes a unique whiskey glass that freezes ice in a slow-melting wedge shape, preserving flavor and keeping his drink cold, premium charred oak and maple cocktail syrup, zesty orange crisps, and rich bourbon beef jerky, all nestled in an elegant navy gift box.

Make your man's heart skip a beat as he imbibes in the ultimate happy hour from the comfort of his own home. This gift box has everything he needs to whip up a signature Old Fashioned and unwind in style. Raise a glass to love and make this Valentine's Day truly unforgettable!


9. One Of A Kind

There’s no one like your significant other, and there’s no love like yours. So why not celebrate that with our One of a Kind gift box? Your partner is the embodiment of support, always encouraging you to strive for greatness and reach for the stars. In turn, why not reciprocate that love and encourage their journey toward self-discovery and growth? The ultimate gift for your loved one who values self-improvement, our romantic gift box is filled with inspiration.

Included is a guided journal, a blank canvas just waiting to be filled with ideas, personal reflections, and your special someone’s wildest dreams. Paired with a sophisticated pen set, this journal becomes a tool of empowerment and self-expression.

But why stop at journaling? To create a serene and inspiring atmosphere, we’ve also included tea chocolates to savor while they jot down their musings, a calming lavender + white sage candle to create a relaxing ambiance, and a comforting cup of bergamot-rose Edith Grey tea to soothe the senses. This gift box is the epitome of indulgence and introspection, making it one of the most memorable and creative Valentine’s Day gifts out there!

10. Royal Treatment

Let your love reign supreme this Valentine's Day with a celebration fit for the queen of your heart. Our Royal Treatment box overflows with treats to make her feel adored, including sweet genmaicha green tea-infused dark chocolate, a burst of zest with a spearmint and eucalyptus bath bomb, and a white speckled mug that's perfect for sipping tea in the bath.

Each gift is handcrafted with love and nestled in a regal blue gift box, adding a touch of majesty to this already grand gesture. Elevate the occasion even further by writing a personalized greeting card and showering her with words of love, admiration, and affection. Order today and give the gift of a royal celebration to your queen this Valentine's Day!

11. Heal

Give your special someone the gift of health and happiness with our uniquely romantic box designed for a special night-in. To celebrate Valentine's Day, encourage your loved one to focus on themselves and practice a little self-love. They can relax with a cup of ginger tea in a handcrafted porcelain mug or enjoy a luxurious soak with the calming aroma of a sage candle. No matter how they like to unwind, the thoughtful gifts within are sure to make them feel appreciated and refreshed.

Each item is hand-selected with the utmost care and placed inside a beautiful blue gift box. Personalize your gift by including a greeting card with a message showing how much they mean to you. This Valentine's Day, give your loved one the gift of relaxation.


12. Cake + Sprinkles

Valentine’s Day isn’t complete without a little sweet tooth satisfaction, and celebrating Valentine's Day with our Cake + Sprinkles box will add a sweet treat to mark the occasion. Indulgent birthday cake caramels, velvety Cake & Sprinkles Chocolate by Compartés, a gush of juicy pomegranate lip balm, a sweet-smelling Birthday Cake Candle, and a stylish stemless champagne flute great for sentimental toasts are just some of the Valentine's Day gifts included in this decadent gift box.

To further elevate this luxurious present, we have hand-packaged cute Valentine gifts in a delightfully pink gift box. Sending a handwritten letter with heartfelt words of love and admiration will warm your loved one’s heart even more. This is the perfect gift for any sweetheart!

Find Creative Valentine's Day Gifts at Unboxme

All of our Valentine's Day gifts are hand-selected to convey the unique, passionate, and everlasting nature of your love. Each package is filled with the highest-quality items available from local, fair-trade artisans. 

Gift your loved one something special this Valentine's Day. Whether it's a romantic gift box for her or a thoughtfully curated gift box for him, our pre-made packages are filled with thoughtful, romantic Valentine's Day items. Want to hand-select goodies and give the ultimate personalized gift? Create a custom gift box designed just for them! 

The most important person in your life deserves a thoughtful gift from the heart. Find the perfect gift for your special someone today!