Uncles hold a special place in our lives. They‚Äôre the cool and caring individuals who bring our families that extra dose of fun, wisdom, and support. Whether it's a birthday, holiday, or special event, finding the ideal gift for our beloved uncles isn‚Äôt always easy. And with Father's Day approaching, it's the perfect time to show appreciation to those uncles who are not only family, but also play a fatherly role in our lives. 

In this blog article, we'll explore the art of finding the perfect uncle gifts for every occasion. From sentimental keepsakes to delectable goodies, we'll provide you with a curated selection of gift ideas that are sure to bring a smile to your uncle's face. Get ready to celebrate the amazing man in your life and make their special day truly unforgettable!

Shopping for Your Uncle: Gifts for Every Occasion 

Whether you’re shopping for sentimental Father’s Day gifts for uncles or festive Christmas presents for uncles that love a little holiday cheer, we’ve got ideas for every gift-giving season. Your uncle is a unique guy and there’s no one like him, which is why we’ve put together a variety of gift boxes so you can find the one that suits him best.

Ready to find the perfect present for an uncle that brings endless joy to your life? Show him your appreciation with one of these curated gift boxes! 

On the Rocks

Instead of choosing boring and traditional Father‚Äôs Day or birthday gifts for uncles, give him something he‚Äôll be able to savor and enjoy. For instance, the whiskey fiend will find that the On the Rocks gift box has all the fixings for their favorite drink. The charred oak and maple cocktail syrup adds a depth of flavor to take an old fashioned to the next level ‚ÄĒ or to create an original cocktail concoction. 

This carefully packaged gift box also includes beef jerky flavored with bourbon, vanilla bean, and a hint of cinnamon. The included orange crisps can garnish a homemade old fashioned, or be enjoyed separately as a crunchy snack. 

And of course, this box would not be complete without a stylish whiskey glass. But this isn’t just any whiskey glass: its unique shape means water will freeze into wedge-shaped ice, which melts slowly, keeping the drink colder longer without watering it down. Cheers!

The Gentleman

For the uncle who likes the finer things in life, The Gentleman gift box has a little bit of everything. The packets of flavorful Vietnamese coffee are perfect for pour-over coffee on the go. Pour it right into the included black ceramic tumbler for a no-spill caffeine hit. With no logos or graphics, this classic tumbler is sophisticated in its simplicity. 

The candied almonds are delicious on their own, or he can top off a gourmet salad with a hint of sea salt and black summer truffle. For a unique take on popcorn, the flavors of cinnamon, cocoa powder, and Cayenne pepper combine to spice up a workday, dreary afternoon, or long drive. 

Finally, the bergamot and grapefruit bar soap includes activated charcoal. It deeply cleans while being gentle enough for use on the face. Treat your dapper uncle to the decadent tastes and aromas of these luxurious goodies.  

But First, Coffee

Who wouldn‚Äôt love the gift of coffee arriving at their doorstep? Whether your uncle is a morning, afternoon, or after-dinner coffee drinker, he will think of you every time he enjoys the contents of this coffee-themed gift box. 

It includes a two-tablespoon stainless steel coffee scoop, a twelve-ounce speckled white mug, and a pour-over coffee kit for richly flavored Vietnamese instant coffee. This gift could be the start of a new tradition ‚ÄĒ sending a thinking-of-you text whenever he uses his new speckled mug! 

And for those times of craving more coffee but not really needing it, this box comes full of sugary snacks with hints of coffee to get your favorite uncle through his day. That means coffee caramels, coffee chocolate, and chocolate-covered espresso beans! Sometimes, it‚Äôs the small things like coffee and candy that can bring the biggest smile to your uncle‚Äôs face. 

Happy Hour

If the best times with your uncle revolve around kicking back and unwinding over some excellent bar snacks and beverages, this is the gift box for him. The Happy Hour gift box lets him enjoy his drink of choice anytime from the comfort of his own home ‚ÄĒ because it‚Äôs always five o‚Äôclock somewhere.

This gift box comes with Moscow Mule cocktail syrup, which is great for mocktails, too! The Kentucky bourbon black pepper caramel popcorn adds a new twist on an old favorite. And for more bourbon fun, the bourbon-flavored gummy bears are sure to be a hit. Finally, the oatmeal milk and honey hand soap provides a subtly sweet scent that will delight guests at your uncle‚Äôs next at-home cocktail party. 

Suit & Tie

If you‚Äôve found yourself at a loss for what to get your uncle for Christmas, Father‚Äôs Day, or his birthday, take some inspiration from his professional ambitions. The Suit & Tie gift box includes a felt pen set and list pad, perfect for the uncle who takes pride in his work. It‚Äôs a gift that works just as well to congratulate him on a significant professional success ‚ÄĒ or encourage him to keep up that boss energy. (Pro-tip: It works equally well to help a well-intended uncle become a bit more organized!) 

Additionally, this gift celebrates elegance in the little things, like the bergamot and grapefruit bar soap. It provides an elevated and fragrant touch to any bathroom. Finally, the rosemary truffle almonds make for a deliciously simple gourmet snack at any time of the day. Give him the gift of luxury during his work week with this unique gift box! 

Old Fashioned

Did someone in your life just become a new uncle? Make sure to get them something special! A cocktail-themed present is an equally fun gift for a new uncle as it is for your own long-time favorite uncle. An old fashioned themed gift box is a classy and elegant gift for uncles of any age (over 21 of course).

Sending all the cocktail-making necessities in a gift box ahead of your visit will ensure a fun night of whipping up cocktails (or mocktails) together. The best gifts for an uncle from a niece or nephew allow opportunities for bonding. But if separated by distance, keep in touch by creating and comparing your own cocktails virtually! 

Three quality products make up this gift box: charred oak and maple cocktail syrup, bourbon-flavored gummy bears, and dark chocolate sea salt caramels. An old fashioned requires ice, whiskey, bitters, sugar, and water ‚ÄĒ and typically an orange slice garnish. However, this decadent syrup adds a little something extra to elevate it. The caramels and gummies can be enjoyed alongside the drink for extra sweetness. 

Coffee Break

If you‚Äôre shopping for an uncle you don‚Äôt know too well (or someone you know is a coffee fiend), you can‚Äôt go wrong with a coffee gift. Coffee is a universally loved beverage for its rich and homey flavor, boost of energy, and what it has come to symbolize: a moment of solace in the middle of a busy day. This coffee-themed gift box includes everything your uncle will need for a coffee break on the go, at home, or at work. 

When a hectic day calls for coffee on the go, your uncle will be pleasantly surprised by the rich and complex flavors of Vietnamese pour-over coffee. In those rare moments when he gets to enjoy a cup at home, the stainless steel coffee scoop will come in handy to dole out grounds into an at-home coffee maker. 

Finally, the coffee chocolate bar provides the perfect excuse to slow down and enjoy life‚Äôs simple pleasures. And maybe even a chat with his favorite niece or nephew over some crunchy munchy chocolate-covered espresso beans! 

Hug in a Box 

As fun as it would be to live next door to your favorite relative, many families these days are separated by distance ‚Äď and sometimes even time zones. When you live far away from your uncle, a hug in a box is the next best thing to a real, in-person bear hug. That is what it feels like to open this box. Like the included lavender and white sage candle, a good hug from a loved one has a lasting glow. 

All the goodies in this box warm the soul and the senses, from the extra soft and cozy socks to the vegan shea butter hand cream that soothes dry, hard-working hands. The cleansing mixture of rose, hibiscus, and Himalayan salt to pour into a bath is the best way to relax deeply. Finally, the warming, organic tulsi and rose tea complements the decadent raspberry and dark chocolate bars for a satisfying and indulgent snack. 

Breakfast in Bed 

Good gifts for uncles make their lives a little easier. The Breakfast in Bed gift box will arrive with all the ingredients needed to prepare a leisurely meal. What better way to kick off Father’s Day?

You might need to enlist the help of your cousins or aunt: have them receive the gift box and prep the ingredients. And don‚Äôt forget to fill out the complimentary card with a special heartfelt message to your uncle so he knows it is from you. Give him a call afterward to make sure he enjoyed his Father‚Äôs Day breakfast! 

This gift box includes a buttermilk pancake mix, whole bean espresso blend, strawberry lemongrass preserves, and measuring spoons. The pancakes, fruity preserves, and espresso can be enjoyed on Father‚Äôs Day itself. The stainless steel measuring spoons can be used again and again ‚ÄĒ to dole out espresso beans, pancake mix, or any future culinary creations! 

Rest + Recharge

Uncles who work hard might need a little extra encouragement to unwind. The premium contents of the Rest + Recharge gift box make it easy to teach them the art of self-care. It includes a bundle of items that create a serene environment any time of day: aromatherapy spray, bath salts, essential oil, a bath bomb, vanilla cookies, a lavender sage candle, shea butter soap, and hydrating sheet masks. 

All the products are easy to use, but this self-care gift box could be the perfect excuse to pay your uncle a visit. Help him set the scene for his at-home spa day by spritzing the room with calming, all-natural aromatherapy spray made from a blend of seven essential oils. 

The bath salts and bath bomb (best used separately) turn bathwater into an aromatic, essential oil-infused pool. Snack on the light and sweet Swedish vanilla cookies as you apply face masks together! 

Sleep Well

Whether your uncle is stressed about work or helping take care of his new niece or nephew, give him the gift of a fantastic night‚Äôs sleep. If he already has an appreciation for self-care, the Sleep Well gift box will complement his nightly routine: it includes aromatherapy spray, a dried lavender sachet, and a bath bomb. Because a relaxed uncle is a happy uncle! 

Store the sachet in a linen drawer or under a pillow to reap the calming benefits of this sweet-smelling flower. Spray the aromatherapy spray in any room as a ritual of tranquility. As for the bath bomb, it will make him feel like a kid again ‚ÄĒ it makes bathtime a fun reward after a long day.

Find Thoughtful Uncle Gifts at UnboxMe 

Don‚Äôt forget to show your uncle some love on special occasions like Father‚Äôs Day, birthdays, Christmas ‚ÄĒ or just because. Whether your uncle is your best friend, that favorite relative at the family reunion, or someone you don‚Äôt get to see as often as you‚Äôd like, thoughtfully curated gift boxes can maintain and strengthen your relationship. 

Here at Unboxme, we hand-select all of our items and package each box with the utmost care. That‚Äôs why we partner with small businesses dedicated to quality and sustainability. Only the best for your favorite uncle! 

Shop our pre-built boxes by category, like gift boxes for men, or by occasion, like our Father‚Äôs Day collection or Birthday gift boxes. You can also create your own custom gift boxes to make sure your present is perfectly personalized for him. Each package comes in a luxury gift box and includes a complimentary card. 

Whether you’re looking for uncle gifts from nephews or uncle gifts from nieces, you’ll find the perfect present with Unboxme. Start shopping today!