Mother’s Day Gifts for New Moms: Express Your Love and Appreciation with Meaningful Gifts

Whether treating yourself or celebrating a new mom, Mother‚Äôs Day is the best time to recognize mothers' vital role in our lives. Being a mom is a different experience for everyone, but all will agree that motherhood stretches the heart open in many ways. 

Being a mom can be rewarding, tiring, fun, and stressful! Being a first-time mom means all those emotions are felt with full intensity and novelty. So to say thank you for all moms do, take the time to shop for meaningful first Mother's Day gifts. Gifts make any holiday fun, and Mother‚Äôs Day is no exception. Our gift guide will make a first Mother‚Äôs Day joyful and memorable. 


19 Unique Mother's Day Gifts for New Moms

These nineteen first Mother's Day gift ideas will warm any new mom's heart, encouraging them to relax, unwind, and feel valued. 

1. Petite Sweets 

The mom with a sweet tooth will love this gift box. Not only is it a joy to open, but with its pastel pink packaging and delicious arrangement of goodies cushioned by crinkle paper, it is delicious to dig into. And sometimes, a little sugar rush is necessary to get through long days caring for little ones with little sleep.

This yummy gift box includes small-batch Swedish raspberry jam drop shortbread cookies and a floral and decadent rose cardamom chocolate bar which is vegan, gluten-free, and kosher. Plus, honey almond cleansing bar soap makes her smell as sweet as she is, and a lavender and white sage candle featuring essential oils.



2. Breakfast in Bed

Frequently, moms are the first to wake up in the house. Let Mother‚Äôs Day offer her something a little different. First Mother‚Äôs Day ideas that lighten the burden of meal preparation ‚ÄĒ like being served breakfast in bed ‚ÄĒ are always welcome. The Breakfast in Bed gift box is beautiful to receive but even more meaningful to prepare. So to keep it a surprise, you might have to intercept the box before she finds it! 

The Breakfast in Bed gift box includes buttermilk pancake mix, a whole bean espresso blend, strawberry lemongrass preserves (try it on the pancakes!), and golden measuring spoons for those coffee beans. Create a breakfast spread on a serving tray using the ingredients. Add a flower in a vase to top off the experience.  


3. Hug in a Box

When separated by distance, a Hug in a Box gift box is the next best option to a real hug. Send one to a new mom to tell her she is loved. It is full of cozy essentials that feel comforting and nourishing to the senses. 

This luxury gift box is jam-packed with rose tea, a lavender and white sage candle, soft-to-the-touch luxe socks, vegan shea butter hand cream, a cleansing floral bath bomb, and mini raspberry and tea chocolates.


4. Rest + Recharge

If you ask a new mom how they are doing, they will most likely say, ‚ÄúTired.‚ÄĚ And for a good reason! With babies up at hours all night, new moms must adjust to an irregular sleeping schedule, all while balancing other responsibilities. Finding time to rest and recharge is hard when your new number-one priority is a new little human. The Rest + Recharge gift box gives her permission to do some self-care. 

This box contains products that bring peace and tranquility like aromatherapy spray to spritz bed linens with a soothing essential oil blend. Bath salts that turn bathwater pink, shea butter soap, moisturizing sheet masks, and an ocean-scented bath bomb create an at-home spa experience. Plus, Unwind essential oils, a lavender sage soy candle, and award-winning vanilla cookies come carefully packaged inside this luxury navy gift box.


5. Lavender Dreams

Mother‚Äôs Day gifts for new moms that they can use alongside their babies are ideal. For example, lavender is a gentle, calming scent in many baby bathtime products to encourage serenity before bed. New moms can also incorporate their lavender-scented products into their nightly routines. 

The Lavender Dreams gift box goes all out with a lavender reed diffuser, collagen sheet masks, a lavender bath bomb, a lavender and white sage candle, and lavender and shea butter vegan hand cream.


6. Self-Care

Self-care is essential for first-time moms. The body, mind, and spirit go through so much before, during, and after pregnancy. Mother‚Äôs Day gifts for new mothers should honor that journey by offering products designed to bring comfort and happiness. 

This gift box includes products that make self-care fun! 

The Little Book of Self-Care includes activities to nurture the whole self. The 100% silk eye mask will ensure deep rest and aromatherapy towelettes provide portable essential oil goodness. The rose quartz facial roller designed to reduce inflammation is the perfect addition to any skincare routine. Finally, no self-care kit is complete without a sweet treat; hence, the lavender chocolate bar. 


7. Magnolia 

Tea can be a godsend to new moms. Herbal tea is soothing and can even have physical benefits. And there is nothing more comforting than holding a warm mug and ingesting hot tea, perhaps with honey or a spritz of lemon. Whether the new mom in your life likes to start or end her day with a cup of tea, this gift box will offer her the goods to make tea time a relaxing space in the day.

This gift box includes more goodies in addition to the tea itself. Inside are rose herbal tea, a white speckled mug, lavender and white sage candle, magnolia scented bar soap, and a delicately flavored rose cardamom chocolate bar. Tea time is the best for a caffeinated mid-afternoon pick-me-up, a solo reflective time, or a social event.


8. Sleep Well

When sleep is interrupted by a baby‚Äôs cries, it can be challenging for new moms to go back to sleep. So for a new mother, Mother‚Äôs Day gift ideas that help on those restless nights will undoubtedly be used and appreciated. 

A Sleep Well gift box includes products that set the tone for a restful evening. The dried lavender sachet will fill any room, drawer, or closet with a calming floral aroma. The aromatherapy spray will mist bedding, furniture, or room with a pure essential oil blend. And the bath bomb scented like the seashore creates a luxurious nighttime bathing experience.



9. Sending Love

Spending holidays apart from loved ones can be tough on the heart. So when you can‚Äôt spend Mother‚Äôs Day in person with a new mom, send love in a box! Unboxing this gift and reading the personalized card inside will make her feel seen and cherished. 

When deciding upon a Mother's Day gift for a new mom, sometimes the little things go a long way. This gift box includes comforting rose tea, delectable mini raspberry chocolates, and pomegranate peach lip balm. These sweet and soothing goodies are a treat any time, especially on Mother’s Day.


10. Fresh Flowers

Moms and flowers go together like ice cream and sprinkles. But consider the Flowers for Mom gift box instead of getting a bouquet that will wilt in a week. It includes floral-themed goodies, like a little floral reed diffuser that fills any room with an uplifting aroma. 

For a sweetly herbal tea experience, she will love the organic loose-leaf cowslip tea and golden tea infuser to strain it. Handcrafted milk toffee topped with pecans and a white speckled mug that goes with every aesthetic is included. Bonus tip: when not used for tea, fill the cup with buttercups and other freshly picked blooms from the yard!


11. Hello, Little One

Mother‚Äôs Day is, first and foremost, a day to commemorate the bond between mother and child, but while the child is still a baby, friends and family have to be the ones who must shower the new mom with gifts! Mother‚Äôs day gifts for first time moms that also show some love to the new baby will surely be a hit. 


The Hello Little One gift box includes adorable white leather baby booties and other gender-neutral baby goods. The 100% organic cotton baby swaddle, hand-crocheted yarn baby rattle, and moisturizing baby balm offer joy and comfort. For mom, the organic tea formulated especially for new mothers and the spearmint and eucalyptus bath bomb provide nourishment and much-deserved me time.


12. Royal Treatment

New moms juggle big and small responsibilities daily, so they deserve to be treated like the queens they are. Give the new mom in your life the royal treatment with this gift box which includes all the essentials for luxury and indulgence any time of day. 

She will love sipping lavender mint herbal tea in the twelve-ouncee white speckled mug while wearing an aloe and cucumber facial sheet mask, lounging in a tub fizzing with the spearmint and eucalyptus bath bomb. Slipping on the luxe knit cloud socks, snacking on the green tea-infused dark chocolate bar, and burning the sea salt and sage candle rounds out the Royal Treatment.


13. Heal 

Sometimes, new moms go through the baby blues. It is a big adjustment period as the body transitions, routines change, and responsibilities pile up. The body, mind, and soul benefit from taking the time to heal from the metamorphosis of pregnancy. 

The Heal gift box encourages quiet time to acclimate to all the life changes. Let her know it is okay to slow down and enjoy goodies like lemon ginger tea in a white-speckled mug and a soothing sea salt and sage candle. Simple sensory pleasures like luxe knit cloud socks and a moisturizing oatmeal and honey bath bomb can make all the difference.


14. Zen

New moms must find little moments of zen throughout the day ‚ÄĒ especially if they are balancing work and other kids. The Zen gift box makes this juggling act a little easier. To know that someone recognizes the need for self-care is enormous ‚ÄĒ especially if she needs the nudge to take the time for herself. Receiving this box in the mail will feel like a sigh of relief. 

The Zen gift box includes items that add tranquility to her home and daily routine. The little reed diffuser fills any room with a fresh, airy scent, and the facial sheet mask cools and moisturizes the skin. The lightly scented and rejuvenating bath bomb, silk eye mask, and lavender mint herbal tea will create a cocoon of serenity when she needs it most.


15. Recover

Brand new moms who recently gave birth before Mother’s Day need to take the day off to recover! This gift box will help her find peace of mind while soothing her body after all it has been through. It includes a roll-on essential oil blend, elderberry herbal tea that boosts immunity, and Brazilian wildflower honey to coat the throat. Fluffy cloud socks and a lavender and white sage candle complete this hug in a box.

New moms especially want to avoid getting sick, which is why some gift box contents function as an immunity booster. And if she does feel under the weather, these products will help. In many parts of the US, Mother’s Day falls during peak allergy season; the soothing tea and honey will undoubtedly help fight off that pesky pollen!


16. Love You So Matcha

How about a gift box full of her favorite flavor? The Love You So Matcha gift box is loaded with green goodness for the new mom who can't get enough matcha. Another perk of this high-grade green tea powder is its chock full of antioxidants to keep her immune system healthy and strong during this incredible time with her newborn. 

This cheery gift box includes a creamy, dreamy matcha white chocolate bar, vegan honey matcha hand cream with shea butter, a cleansing matcha clay facial mask, and a latte mix to make hot or cold beverages.


17. Shine Bright

This gift box is a ray of sunshine ‚ÄĒ everything is yellow! It is the perfect springtime vibe and ideal for the new mom who radiates positivity. It is perfect for the new mom who wants to fill her life with more love and light because opening it will guarantee a smile. 

The Shine Bright gift box is full of goodies, including invigorating and organic sunshine herbal tea, eco-friendly wild honey lip balm, a dandelion-yellow floral hair scrunchie, and soothing sea salt and sage candle.


18. One of a Kind

Every new mom has her unique journey. Creative outlets to express that uniqueness are priceless. That is why the One of a Kind gift box includes a guided journal that encourages reflection upon motherhood. She may use this as a gratitude journal or flip through the pages to read the inspirational quotes. 

Additional featured items include comforting Edith Grey tea, a pen set to unleash inner creativity, an aromatic lavender and white sage soy candle, and yummy tea chocolates to snack on.


19. Pop the Champagne 

Mother‚Äôs Day is a celebration above all else. So pop the champagne! Whether the new mom commemorates a full year of motherhood or a couple of months, let‚Äôs cheers to her and her new baby! 

This box does not contain alcohol, so breastfeeding moms can enjoy the champagne-infused, white chocolate-coated popcorn! Also included is a celebratory salted dark chocolate bar, a drink tumbler in a beautiful golden champagne color, and champagne-flavored gummy candy.


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