Let’s face it. Men can be hard to shop for sometimes! But at the end of the day, you can never go wrong with gifts that you pour love and care into. These men’s Christmas gift sets include goodies to nourish the mind, body, and spirit. Sometimes nourishment looks like a soothing self-care routine, and other times it looks like a good, strong cocktail. You’re sure to find something that speaks to his heart in our list of Christmas gift sets for him.

8 Men’s Christmas Gift Set Ideas

Whether you‚Äôre struggling to figure out what to get your best guy friend for Christmas, or frantically searching online to find ‚Äúlast-minute Christmas gifts for your husband,‚ÄĚ not to worry. There is something out there for all the men in your life. Here are eight Christmas gift set ideas to get you inspired:

1. The Gentleman

Stuck on what to get a guy friend for Christmas? Look no further than The Gentleman. This gift box makes snacking an elegant affair with rosemary candied almonds and chili chocolate popcorn. For caffeine on the go, it comes with a black porter tumbler and pour over coffee packets. Finally, the bergamot & grapefruit bar soap is delightfully fragrant, yet gentle enough to use on the face.

2. Suit & Tie

Need Christmas gifts for older men? The Suit & Tie gift box includes classy items perfect for old souls who prefer to write the old-fashioned way ‚ÄĒ with a felt pen set and accompanying list pad, of course. Delicious rosemary truffle almonds and American-made bergamot & grapefruit bar soap complete this elegant gift box.

3. On the Rocks

For whiskey lovers, the On the Rocks gift box includes a whiskey glass that forms a wedge-shaped piece of ice to keep the whiskey optimally cooled. This elevates the drinking experience and ensures the beverage doesn’t get too watered down, even when the ice melts. This gift box also includes charred oak & maple cocktail syrup, orange crisps, and bourbon-infused beef jerky to complete the happy hour experience.

4. But First, Coffee

It‚Äôs easy to bond over a love of coffee. If this sounds like one of your friends, coworkers, or family members, this gift box is a coffee lover‚Äôs dream. It includes a Vietnamese pour over kit, a gold coffee scoop, and a white speckled mug ‚ÄĒ plus coffee-infused sweets such as cafe noir caramels, coffee chocolate, and chocolate espresso cookies. Like all Unboxme gift boxes, it includes a personalized note card to make your present extra special.

5. Heal

Whether they are working diligently at school, playing hard at college, or figuring out their next career move, young men tend to have a habit of burning the candle at both ends. The Heal box is an ideal Christmas gift for 20-year-old male family members because it encourages them to slow down and take care of themselves. This bestseller includes all the necessities for a restorative bath: soothing lemon ginger tea, a white speckled mug, oatmeal + honey bath bomb, luxe cloud socks, and a sea salt + sage candle for the ultimate relaxation experience.

6. Happy Hour

For the cocktail enthusiast, the Happy Hour gift box includes several small Christmas gifts for men to help them keep the party going. This gift box includes bourbon gummy bears and black pepper caramel popcorn to snack on. It also features Moscow Mule cocktail syrup to craft magnificent drinks and an Oatmeal + honey bar soap to wash up. It’s the perfect mix of classy and fun.

7. Recover 

The Recover box is the perfect Christmas gift for a guy friend who‚Äôs feeling under the weather this holiday season. No one wants to be sick at Christmas, but it certainly helps to be cared for ‚ÄĒ even if you‚Äôre separated by distance. This gift box includes soothing elderberry healer tea, raw wildflower honey to boost the immune system, and an Immunity blend essential oil roll-on. Wearing the cloud socks and burning the lavender + white sage candle complements these natural remedies.

8. One of a Kind

One of a Kind is the perfect gift box to give at Christmas because it sets them up for success in the new year. Complete with a guided journal and pen set, Edith Grey tea, a scented soy candle, and tea chocolates, it’s got all the fixings for the man who’s ready to start fresh in the new year. It all comes in a luxury navy gift box, tied with a bow.


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