There‚Äôs a reason you chose your maid of honor. Maybe she‚Äôs been your best friend since you were in middle school. Maybe she‚Äôs your sister and knows you better than anyone else in the world. Whatever the reason ‚ÄĒ it‚Äôs a decision that further solidifies your bond, drawing you even closer than you were before.

But now that you’ve asked them to stand by your side at your wedding, it’s time to start thinking about all the details of your special day. There’s flowers and seating arrangements and what feels like a million other to-do items. It’s easy to get overwhelmed and forget something.

What you don’t want to do, however, is overlook your maid of honor. She’ll be planning your bachelorette party, offering you emotional support, and scurrying around on your wedding day making sure all the last-minute details are finalized.

In essence? She‚Äôll be the saving grace of your marriage ceremony ‚ÄĒ and she deserves recognition for that, which is why it‚Äôs so important to start thinking about maid of honor gift ideas now.

Not sure where to start in your search for maid of honor gifts? For brides who need a little inspiration, we’re here to help you find the perfect present for your right-hand gal. Keep reading for a complete guide to buying maid of honor gifts.


What is a Maid of Honor Gift?

A maid of honor is someone who‚Äôs deeply important in your life. She‚Äôs someone you trust to show up for you and lend a helping hand ‚ÄĒ even if you turn into a bridezilla. Essentially, matron of honor gifts are a token of your appreciation. They let your maid of honor know her presence and effort is cherished, while also serving as a keepsake she can hold onto for years to come.


10 Special Maid Of Honor Gifts

Now that you know the reasoning behind gifts for a maid of honor, it’s time to start your search. Remember, you want to find bridesmaid gift ideas that are thoughtful and sentimental. It’s not about the price tag, it’s about how well the present expresses your gratitude and makes your maid of honor feel special.

At Unboxme, we know how hard it can be to pick just one thing for your bestie. That‚Äôs why we offer curated gift boxes for women, as well as a selection of high-quality products so you can create your own personalized gift box. Pick and choose from our collection and create a gift your maid of honor will know came from the heart. 

Here is our list of top maid of honor gifts that will make your appreciation known.


1. The Fresh Flowers Gift Box

Flowers and chocolates will forever be synonymous with gift-giving. They‚Äôre the classic go-to! But what if you could put a refreshing twist on this dynamic duo? That‚Äôs exactly what our Fresh Flowers box delivers! Traditional flowers are replaced with a hand-picked linden flower tea ‚ÄĒ a fragrant blend that calms the body and soothes mild aches and pains. And the chocolates? We‚Äôve upgraded them to gourmet, melt-in-your-mouth milk chocolate toffee. 

We‚Äôve even included a mug and a gold tea infuser to give your maid of honor the full sip n‚Äô slay experience ‚ÄĒ no extra shopping required! And all you have to do is sit back and watch as your bridesmaids delight over their wedding party gifts.


2. The Petite Sweets Box

Candies, chocolates, and cookies are foolproof bridal party gift ideas. Don‚Äôt let the size of this tiny box fool you ‚ÄĒ it satisfies the sweet tooth in a big way! Its  Swedish raspberry jam drop cookies blend the buttery creaminess of shortbread with the tart and tangy taste of berries. And the rose cardamom chocolate offers a unique and luscious flavor profile that‚Äôs equal parts peppery, floral, and sweet. 

We’ve also added a white sage and lavender candle that provides the perfect ambiance for a night of self-care and indulgence, along with a honey cleansing bar that will leave your skin silky smooth and moisturized, with a light sugary scent.


3. The Sunshine Box

Is your maid of honor a ray of sunshine? Then you‚Äôll want to choose gifts for maids of honor to match her vibrant personality. Our Sunshine Box offers a selection of surprises that are sure to brighten her day. To start, there‚Äôs a box of cup of sunshine tea ‚ÄĒ a shining blend of turmeric, ginger, and peppercorn ‚ÄĒ to warm her insides and leave her feeling refreshed and ready for the day ahead. It‚Äôs soothing, it‚Äôs flavorsome, and it‚Äôs the perfect start to the morning. She‚Äôll love pouring herself a cup and making this golden brew part of her everyday routine.

Then there’s a jar of all-natural Brazilian wildflower honey which can be added to her tea for sweetness or mixed with lemon juice and yogurt for an ultra-moisturizing facial mask that leaves behind a radiant complexion. We’ve topped it off with honey facial masks, a bananas foster chocolate bar, and oat milk and honey cleansing bar for a truly luxurious experience from start to finish.


4. The Magnolia Box

A pretty, feminine box packed with pink treats. This box is ideal if you‚Äôre seeking bridesmaids gift ideas to match a soft and dreamy bohemian wedding theme. Each box contains a packet of herbal rose tea, the health benefits of which include hydration, antioxidants, and reduced anxiety. There‚Äôs also a soap bar infused with magnolia blossoms for a soothing and mellow floral scent. 

We top off these delights with a white speckled mug by Givienne, a white sage and lavender candle, and a rose cardamom chocolate bar by Raaka for a pampered experience any woman would love.


5. The One of a Kind Box

The people who matter most to us bring something rare and special into our lives. It's hard to communicate how dear they are to us, but we feel it every time we’re around them. And we’re willing to bet your maid of honor is one of those people. The problem? When shopping for maid of honors, it can start to feel like the usual gifts are too generic. They’re more about the occasion than the amazing person your maid of honor is.

That’s why we created this box. It includes a guided journal your bridesmaid can use to reflect on her unique value and positive qualities, along with a set of pens inscribed with an inspiring quote, a packet of edith grey tea, chocolates, and a candle. It’s everything she’ll need to feel appreciated for all she is.


6. The Self-Care Box

Everybody knows that weddings can be stressful. Plus, the pressures of everyday life don‚Äôt disappear just because your maid of honor is attending your wedding. You can make her feel supported and doted on with this self-care inspired box. It comes with a tiny book of helpful self-care tips and suggestions ‚ÄĒ a perfect pint-sized publication offering a ton of valuable insight regarding mental health, mindfulness, and making time for oneself. 

Speaking of self-care, the ritual of cleaning, moisturizing, and refreshing the skin is one of the most rewarding forms of caring for our body and mind. This box also comes with a rose quartz facial roller that promotes blood circulation to the skin and reduces puffiness caused by inflammation. It can even help alleviate headaches! 

We’ve also included a 100% mulberry silk eye mask from Wild Earth Co, a bar of lavender chocolate, and some aromatherapy packets. Because there’s nothing more thoughtful than letting someone know you care about their well-being!



7. The Recover Box

Weddings seem to fly by in a frenzy, leaving all involved wondering how an event that took months to plan for passed in the blink of an eye. Suddenly, you awake the morning after with feet sore from dancing and a face full of makeup you forgot to remove, both exhausted and smiling as flashbacks come to mind. 

The Recover Box was made for precisely this moment. It includes a pair of cloud socks by T+M which will be much-needed after a night of dancing in heels. Trust us, our maid of honor won’t want to take her recently pedicured toes out of these fluffy, velvety-soft socks.

There‚Äôs also elderberry healer tea by Rishi for restoring the immune system and soothing the throat (a must after a night of cheering), an immunity essential oil by Woolzies for energy, a candle, and a jar of honey (great for adding to tea). With the Recover box, your maid of honor will feel like she got a full night‚Äôs rest ‚Äď even if she did stay up all night dancing and celebrating your love.


8. The Fireplace Essentials Box

Few gifts are more cherished than the gift of relaxation ‚ÄĒ especially when it involves being cozy and warm. That‚Äôs why this box has been carefully curated to provide your maid of honor with a comfortable, restful evening all to herself.

Each box includes a classic journal with lined pages, ideal for making lists or writing down important thoughts, and a gold pen. You‚Äôll also find a tube of cruelty-free, vegan shea butter hand cream that leaves skin nourished and smelling of warm vanilla. Last but not least are a candle, a bar of dark chocolate, and our much-loved cloud socks ‚ÄĒ all the must-haves for a night spent cuddled up on the sofa.


9. The Lavender Dreams Box

Lavender is known to relieve anxiety, depression, and pain. It‚Äôs also a natural sleep aid, so it‚Äôs an ideal gift for those who tend to have difficulty getting a full night‚Äôs rest. Since you want your maid of honor to be well-rested on your special day, the lavender bath bomb in this box will make an excellent bridal party gift. She‚Äôll be able to soak in an aromatic bath while soothing her mind and body, giving her the best chance of feeling restored for your big day. 

There are also firming collagen facial masks that are ideal for restoring skin health and achieving a photo-ready complexion, as well as lavender hand cream by Avry, a lavender reed diffuser by Paddywax, and a lavender and white sage candle by Wild Earth Scents. Bye bye worries and hello tranquility!


10. The Royal Treatment Box

Every woman deserves a moment to feel like a queen and with this box your maid of honor will have plenty of them! It’s a green-themed box filled with deluxe delights for a truly royal treatment. First, there’s a spearmint and eucalyptus bath bomb by Old Whaling Co that reduces inflammation, relaxes the body, and provides aromatherapy benefits. Just one of these is all that’s required to turn a bath into your own personal day spa.

You‚Äôll also find a sachet of lavender mint herbal tea from Big Heart Tea Co that‚Äôs caffeine-free and perfect for alleviating tension headaches or minor aches and pains (because every queen should end the day in complete comfort). 

And the final crown jewels? A mug, facial masks, and a pair of our blissfully-soft cloud socks. It‚Äôs a fitting package for a maid of honor who deserves only the finest. Oh, and did we mention it comes professionally wrapped and hand-packed in a luxury blue gift box with a personalized greeting card? Because here at Unboxme we know extravagance is in the details.   

Shop Maid of Honor Gifts with Unboxme

At Unboxme, we know how important your maid of honor is to you. That’s why we offer a variety of gift options and maid of honor gift ideas so you can give her the perfect present and express your gratitude in a way that honors and reflects your special bond.

If you want to give her a personalized present, you can build your own custom gift box and hand-select items from our ever-growing collection of thoughtful gifts. Prefer to shop pre-made? Choose from any of our unique gift boxes for women. If you haven’t asked your bestie yet, you can pop the question with one of our curated bridesmaid proposal gifts

The choice is entirely yours, but either way one thing is for certain ‚ÄĒ your BFF will be over the moon when she opens her gift. Find the perfect gift today!