Closing on a new home is a major milestone in a person’s life. The housewarming is the official start of that chapter. If you can’t be there, send a housewarming gift that’s sure to leave a lasting impression.

There’s no place like home, but what makes a house a home? It’s not the place. It’s the people. It’s the love, warmth, and the memories that make up the family unit. If a loved one is about to step onto the housing ladder or has upgraded to accommodate a new addition to the family, then a housewarming gift basket is in order.

Show a friend or family member how much you care with a welcome home gift basket that’s sure to put a smile on their face.

It doesn’t have to be expensive, and it doesn’t have to be showy. What matters is that it comes from the heart. At UnboxMe, we’re all about helping people send good vibes from afar.

Start your loved one’s new life chapter off the right way with the best housewarming gift baskets found only at UnboxMe.

Gift Delivery for Every New Homeowner

Afraid you can’t make the big party? Send a new home gift basket online in just a few clicks. Choose from gift baskets for new homeowners that fit any taste, any style, and any need.

Do it from your phone, or do it from your laptop. It takes just minutes to put together a heartfelt gift that is unexpectedly amazing. 

Whether it’s a pair of loved-up newlyweds moving into their first marital home in need of some romance or a family buying their dream home in the snow-capped mountains, there’s a housewarming gift basket for them.

Housewarming gift delivery starts here. Build your basket or choose from a handpicked selection of housewarming baskets with you in mind.

Pre-Built Boxes

Don’t have the time to build your own box? Got a busy schedule that demands an instant surprise? Then choose from our pre-built boxes. Every box has a theme, whether it’s treating a friend like royalty or helping a pair of family members to rekindle and reinvigorate their romantic life journey.

These are not just new home gift basket ideas. They’re a message. Every box comes with a custom card featuring a personalized message written by you.

Keep checking back for the latest additions to the UnboxMe showcase and find the perfect gift box for your next housewarming party.

Custom Packages

With our housewarming gift baskets, you’re in control. If you just can’t decide which housewarming gift basket to buy, build your own for a tasteful, unique experience every time.

Nothing is out of bounds. Our products are designed to be sold as part of a pre-built box or as part of your own unique creation.

Sign up for an account with UnboxMe and begin building your own box. It couldn’t be simpler to get started.

Step One ‚Äď Choose Your Box

Select your box. With different colors and materials to choose from, make the presentation that will stand out in the mail.

Our affordable boxes are sturdy, solid, and beautiful.

Step Two ‚Äď Add Your Goodies

Take control of your box and build a gift basket full of magic. Whether you’ve received a gift basket before or you’re new to the party, choose from a long list of gifts. Add as many as you want for each gift, and we’ll handle the packing.

Some of the great gift ideas for your housewarming gift basket include:

- Herbal rose tea

- Hug in a Mug

- Mint raspberry chocolate

- Pearl Sheet Mask

- Raspberry shortbread cookies

Every product is made right here in America by small businesses with an eye for handcrafted quality. These are the artisanal products that demonstrate thought, attention, and, most of all, love.

Step Three ‚Äď Attach Your Gift Card

Now it’s time to add a touch of your personality to your housewarming basket. We have cards for every occasion. It could be a time to celebrate or a heartfelt congratulations. Each card comes with gorgeous decoration to stand out on any mantel.

The card comes free. Leave it blank or write a personalized message of up to 300 characters. We’ll print it out for you and perform quality control to make sure everything comes out perfect.

You’ve got nothing to worry about because we’ve got everything covered. Presentation is our priority.

Step Four ‚Äď Tell Us Where to Send It

Go back over your housewarming basket and make any last-minute additions. If you’re satisfied with your housewarming gift, navigate to the checkout.

Enter your shipping and payment information into our secure platform. We’ll start putting together your custom gift box straightaway.

Step Five ‚Äď Ship, Send, and Enjoy

Don’t worry about your housewarming gift getting lost in the mail. Our snail mail surprises ship within two business days. Even during the holiday season, we’ll never take more than three business days to start shipping.

Need to get your housewarming gift in the mail fast? Take advantage of our express option, and we’ll make sure your box is in the mail within one business day.

We work hard to track every order to ensure every box reaches its destination in time for the big day.

Now, all you have to do is wait, and we’ll handle the rest.

Shop with UnboxMe

Sending a box of magic using good old-fashioned snail mail is a cut above the bland, cookie-cutter gifts you find with major online retailers. At UnboxMe, we believe in the personal touch. Every box is built with love.

Prepare for a housewarming the right way with affordable new home gift basket ideas. When you can’t be there for the big welcome home party, UnboxMe is there for you.

To get started, all you have to do is browse our store for the latest additions and sign up for your free account. Make housewarming gifts your forte and shop with us now to discover the latest and greatest way to celebrate your friends and family.