‚ÄėTis the season for holiday shopping and gift giving! You‚Äôve just finished preparing presents for your nearest and dearest, when suddenly the thought strikes you ‚ÄĒ you left your manager or boss off the list!   

If you‚Äôre not sure what to get the boss for Christmas, don‚Äôt worry ‚ÄĒ we‚Äôve got you covered. While every boss is different, we‚Äôve compiled a guide of ideas and gifts to get your boss for Christmas. 


When is it Appropriate to Get Your Boss a Gift?

Before we dive into what to get your boss, let‚Äôs talk about whether you should. At the end of the day, the employee-employer relationship is professional. But for jobs that feel more than transactional, a gift is a nice goodwill gesture for the year‚Äôs end at Christmas. It can communicate respect, appreciation, and show that you are invested in the job. If your boss has gone above and beyond to support you ‚ÄĒ or they just make your life a little easier every day ‚ÄĒ then it‚Äôs a no-brainer. 

So, should you give a Christmas gift for manager relationships? Supervisors? Your boss‚Äô boss? Where is the line for an appropriate Christmas gift for boss and employee relationships? These dynamics can be difficult to navigate. If you and your immediate boss have a close relationship, getting them a gift is sure to be appreciated (no matter what their title is). If all your colleagues are doing a white elephant or Secret Santa gift exchange and you pick your boss‚Äô name, by all means, give them a gift. 

But if you feel awkward about it, don’t pressure yourself into giving your boss a gift. If you want to give them something without going overboard, consider instead just writing a heartfelt yet professional card. Also, before giving gifts, make sure it is within company policy to do so. When in doubt, ask Human Resources.

Even if a boss gets you a gift, you don‚Äôt need to reciprocate. Only give a gift if you feel it‚Äôs appropriate, or you might also consider pooling funds with your coworkers to get your boss a gift from the group. 


15 Unique Christmas Gifts for Bosses

If you‚Äôre not sure what to get your boss for Christmas who has everything, a curated gift box covers all the bases. Because there are multiple items inside, there‚Äôs less pressure on getting just that one perfect gift. And as far as what to get, go with the vibe of your workplace: get a casual gift for a casual workplace and a more upscale gift for a formal workplace. 

Here are fifteen gift box ideas to get you inspired: 


1. Cocoa By The Fire

A gift that your boss can share with their family is always going to be a hit. And when it comes to Christmas gifts for the boss and family, they will love drinking this gourmet cocoa with a crackling fire by the Christmas tree. This gift box includes two packets of artisanal hot chocolate, a white-as-snow mug, and a cashmere + plum scented soy candle. 

And for a little something sweet, chocolate-peppermint caramels! They can put them in the cocoa for a bit of holiday flavor, or enjoy separately. Finally, a pair of unisex white socks that feel like walking on clouds round out this extra cozy wintertime gift box. 


2. But First, Coffee

Coffee is the fuel of the workplace. If your boss is like most, they run on coffee. This coffee-themed gift box has all the goods to make break time great. Packed carefully inside a luxe navy gift box are coffee chocolate and caramels, a gold coffee scoop made of stainless steel, chocolate espresso cookies to dip in coffee, and a twelve ounce white ceramic mug that goes with everything. 

And of course, no coffee gift box is complete without coffee itself. This gift features a Vietnamese pour over coffee kit from Copper Cow Coffee, a women-owned, sustainably-sourced coffee company that provides high-quality coffee on the go.


3. Christmas Box

While all our boxes feel like a hug in a box, this one is Christmas in a box. To help your boss relax and unwind after a busy year, this festive Christmas-themed gift box will encourage them to get cozy and get snacking! 

The included chili chocolate popcorn with a hint of cinnamon puts a fun twist on an indulgent holiday snack. The caramelized rosemary chocolate bar is vegan and delicious. The unisex ultra-soft white socks create a little self-care moment at home or at work, as does the Coastal Christmas bar soap with notes of juniper and sage. 


4. Winter Spice

Want a more holiday gift box that‚Äôs not specific to Christmas? This wintery wonderland gift box will kick any winter blues to the curb. It‚Äôs the next best thing to a White Christmas. Your boss will feel good about drinking the included vegan, transparently-traded Winter Spice hot chocolate, flavored with cinnamon, coconut, and nutmeg. 

Other goodies include a snow-white mug that holds twelve ounces of hot chocolatey goodness. Dark chocolate caramels with their touch of sea salt complement the hot chocolate. Your boss will love the soy candle with its nutmeg and clove aroma. Finally, the reed diffuser is perfect to put atop a work desk to infuse the space with the smell of fresh sea air.


5. Afternoon Tea

Is your boss more of a tea drinker than a coffee fiend? This tea-themed gift box is one of the best Christmas gifts for a boss because tea is a universally-loved wintertime beverage. Not to mention, the powerful herbal benefits of tea have the unique power to both soothe the mind and fuel the body. 

This box features pomegranate Sencha loose leaf tea blended with rose petals to boost immunity during flu season. It also comes with a gold tea infuser and white speckled mug, so the loose leaf tea can be enjoyed immediately.  The tea-infused chocolate bar combines the best of both worlds. Finally, the apricot jam shortbread cookies are the perfect pick-me-up to accompany afternoon tea.


6. On the Rocks

Treat your boss to an at-home happy hour with this fancy liquor-themed (or mocktail) gift box. It includes all the fixings to enjoy an old fashioned: a whiskey glass, charred oak and maple cocktail syrup, orange crisps, and bourbon beef jerky ‚Äď all packed neatly in a luxurious navy gift box. 

The dried orange crisps top off a homemade, handmade cocktail. The glass is unique because the ice freezes in a slow-melting wedge shape, which keeps the drink cold in a way that preserves flavor instead of diluting it.


7. Suit & Tie

Don‚Äôt know what to get bosses for Christmas who have an appreciation for the finer things in life? For bosses who like the classics, this elegant gift box is sure to be a hit. 

To ensure their desk is well-equipped for the year ahead, this gift includes a felt tip pen set and accompanying note pad. To delight the senses, this box also features inspired combinations of bergamot + grapefruit hand soap with activated charcoal. Finally, for a mid-morning snack, savory rosemary truffle almonds will do the trick.


8. Pop the Champagne

Celebrate the end of the year and the approaching new one with this champagne-themed gift box! This gift is perfect if your department has made some big wins recently. Things move fast in today‚Äôs always-on hustle culture, so help your boss pause and take the time to celebrate their accomplishments. 

Contents include champagne-flavored gummy candies, as well as decadent champagne and white chocolate popcorn that literally pops in your mouth with its sugar crystal topping. A gold champagne colored six ounce tumbler and a dark chocolate bar with smoked sea salt round out this classy gold and black gift box.


9. The Gentleman

The Gentleman is the perfect Christmas gift for boss man: like him, it‚Äôs classy, refined, and dignified. The rosemary candied almonds with black summer truffle make for a snack that‚Äôs equal parts crunchy, savory, sweet, and salty. The Mayan chili chocolate popcorn packs the heat, and the Vietnamese pour over coffee packets provides gourmet coffee on-the-go. 

Because you can never have enough understated, reusable drink containers, this gift box includes a ceramic black tumbler. Finally, the bergamot + grapefruit bar soap provides a fresh and detoxifying cleaning that’s gentle enough for the hands and face.


10. Warm + Cozy

What‚Äôs better than a gift that can help your boss relax and unwind? Any boss will appreciate gifts that extend the warm and cozy feeling that the holidays bring. Featured self-care items like unisex ultra-soft socks are perfect for winter and all year round. 

This gift box provides the experience of sipping warm, aromatic cedarwood chai tea in a white speckled mug ‚ÄĒ while burning a nutmeg and clove-scented candle and enjoying a spearmint + eucalyptus bath bomb. What could be better?


11. One of a Kind

Your boss is always helping you become a better version of yourself, so why not help them do the same? For the boss who is big on self-improvement, this gift box includes a guided journal with inspirational quotes and a specialty pen set. 

What starts out as a blank page can turn into a new business idea or personal breakthrough. To set the scene for some life-changing journaling, this box also includes tea chocolates, a lavender + white sage candle, and bergamot-rose Edith Grey tea.


12. Happy Hour

If bourbon is your boss‚Äô go-to drink at the company happy hour, this is the gift box for them. The black pepper caramel popcorn infused with Kentucky bourbon and bourbon gummy bears are the perfect accompaniments to their drink of choice. Plus, the Moscow Mule cocktail syrup gives the freedom to concoct another classic beverage from the comfort of their own home. 

And lastly, because any at-home barkeep must wash up before crafting cocktails, this box includes cleansing oatmeal milk and honey bar soap that moisturizes and exfoliates.


13. Zen

The end of the year is stressful for everyone, but especially for your boss. Help them get a little zen after the busiest time of year with a gift box that will soothe the senses. The lavender mint herbal tea with a touch of licorice encourages a calm focus to get through the day. The right scent, whether in the form of the included candle or diffuser, can improve productivity while promoting feelings of relaxation. 

Using the included Coastal Calm bath bomb made of all-natural ingredients is the perfect way to unwind at the end of the day. The face mask refreshes and hydrates the skin. Finally, the blue eye mask made of mulberry silk encourages truly restful sleep.


14. Rest + Recharge

To encourage your overworked boss to use the holiday break to chill out and unwind, give them the tools they need to do so. This relaxing gift box will remind them to rest and recharge so that they will come back stronger in the new year. The Unwind essential oil and aromatherapy spray create a fresh and calm workplace environment. 

For a fun at-home spa night, the included bath salts turn bath water pink! To complete the experience, the Coastal Calm bath bomb will make regular old bath water smell like the ocean. The microfiber aqua sheet mask, shea butter soap, lavender sage candle, and vanilla cookies ‚ÄĒ especially when enjoyed together ‚ÄĒ create deep relaxation like no other.


15. Fresh Flowers 

Looking for more feminine gifts to get your boss for Christmas? If you want a gift that reflects screams girl power, this floral gift box is a great way to show her how much you admire her. One only needs to look back a few decades to appreciate the strides women have made in the workplace. (As a female owned and founded company, Unboxme gets it!) 

Give her the gift of relaxing me-time this year with this soft pink box full of flower-themed items, such as a floral scented diffuser and loose leaf organic herbal tea with a gold tea infuser. Plus, the box comes with yummy milk chocolate toffee topped with pecans, and a white speckled mug for work or binging her favorite show.


Find Unique Christmas Gifts for Bosses at Unboxme

If you’re looking for the perfect gift to get your boss for Christmas, you can’t go wrong with Unboxme. Every single one of our gifts is carefully curated and filled with ethically-sourced products from local artisans. Each box is carefully packed and delivered with the card of your choice. Browse pre-made corporate gift boxes or build your own custom gift box