Thoughtful Gifts for Friends Going Through a Divorce: Show Your Support and Compassion

No one goes into a marriage thinking it will end. It’s one of the reasons couples going through a divorce may experience a range of emotions. These can include anger, sadness, regret, and relief for some.

Some stages involved in rebuilding after divorce can mirror the stages of grief. The end of a marriage is a life-changing event. It often brings upheaval before the person can acknowledge the limitless possibilities a fresh start can bring. 

Until they do, you can show your support in many ways during this journey. Listening is a start, but finding ways of reminding them to focus on themselves can also help. There are many options for gifts for friends going through a divorce. 

Thoughtful divorce gifts can provide a great distraction. They help the person unwind or recharge and are a great way of showing them they’re still loved and appreciated.

If you‚Äôre uncertain about what‚Äôs considered an appropriate divorce present, this article can help. We‚Äôll get you started with a range of carefully selected gift boxes that clearly say, ‚Äė‚ÄôI‚Äôm thinking of you.‚ÄĚ

What are Gifts for Friends Going Through a Divorce 

Someone going through a divorce often needs support. That person must also continue to maintain their physical and emotional well-being. It‚Äôs hard to achieve this if they feel life is chaotic and uncertain. 

Sometimes, it takes a push in the right direction to get them back to a mindset that includes self-love and care. Gifts for friends going through a divorce can help achieve this. They can be the perfect way to give someone the support they need.

Gifts for Divorce: Give the Gift of Support

A divorce, although life-altering, doesn’t have to destroy someone. However, lacking healthy coping mechanisms throughout the change can adversely affect someone’s health. The result is stress that can manifest itself both physically and mentally. That can cause headaches, insomnia, and other health issues.

Why Gifts Providing Empathy and Care Matter

Having empathy allows you to see things from another person‚Äôs viewpoint. You may not feel their pain, but it can help you understand it. This understanding can help a person going through a divorce see the light at the end of a seemingly dark tunnel. 

You can show them you care in many ways by:

  1. Listening
  2. Inviting them out
  3. Helping with the kids or household chores
  4. Ensuring they eat healthy meals

However, these are all centered around the person accepting help or company. Some people prefer time alone when going through a rough phase in life. But you can ensure they’re alright by giving them gifts that remind them to care for themselves. Sometimes all it takes is a simple self-care routine to get someone in a more positive frame of mind.

Thoughtful Gifts for the Newly Divorced 

Whether your friend is going through a separation or coming to terms with the fact that their marriage is now legally over, your support is crucial, even if they seem okay.

Experts agree that attending to physical and emotional needs is ‚Äúan essential step to navigating the post-divorce period effectively.‚ÄĚ

Self-care, finding joy in everyday rituals, and a new bedtime routine are a few things they agree can help a newly divorced person start again. 

Imagine if there was a divorce care package that you could give to help your friend achieve at least one of these. Luckily, we have you covered in that department! There are gift boxes that can target each of the suggestions above. Here are various collections to help inspire self-care for friends going through a divorce.



Arguably, life after divorce becomes an acceptable ‚Äúnew normal‚ÄĚ when the divorcee starts to rebuild. A vital part of this is healing from any trauma or self-doubt experienced. 

The Heal gift box is the perfect place to start. Your friend will feel relaxed after taking a warm, long bath scented by the Heal bath bomb. They can then pull on their comfy cloud socks as they sip ginger tea from a new ceramic mug. Not only will they feel refreshed, but they will also benefit from ginger’s healing properties.


Royal Treatment

With divorce comes self-doubt. It's often due to many years of the divorcee putting their spouse or kids before themselves. Remind them that they deserve the best with the Royal Treatment gift box. This unique box comes with lots of treats for an at-home spa treatment. It includes a spearmint & eucalyptus bath bomb, sheet masks, and ultra-soft socks that your friend can enjoy with their sea salt + sage candle. They can complete the evening sipping on refreshing mint and lavender tea in a new ceramic mug while nibbling guiltlessly on unroasted dark chocolate.


Love You So Matcha

Nothing says ‚ÄúI love you‚ÄĚ like the gift box that plays on these three beautiful words. This carefully curated pink gift box can‚Äôt help but exude love. Your friend will experience this warmth when they sip on their Japanese tea latte mix. It goes perfectly with the tea-flavored white chocolate included. They can prolong that warm, fuzzy feeling using their new clay mask with a pamper-me routine. Love You So Matcha has all the elements for the perfect, quiet evening.


Rest + Recharge

Undoubtedly Rest + Recharge could be the mother of all divorce gift baskets. Self-care routines can help when rebuilding after a significant change. This gift box will give your newly divorced friend the boost they need to feel alive and rejuvenated again. Your friend can choose from a bath bomb, bath salts, or shea butter soap to help unwind after a long day. They can sustain this calm aura with essential oils while snacking on vanilla cookies reminiscent of what grandma used to bake. It’s all carefully packaged and topped with your personalized gift card.


Coffee Break

If finding joy in everyday rituals is part of the doctor’s orders, the Coffee Break gift box is the perfect place to start. The coffee lover who savors every sip of a carefully brewed cup will love this themed gem. They can enjoy the rich flavors of classic pour-over Vietnamese coffee. It comes with a handy stainless-steel scoop to blend the perfect cup. But their coffee fix doesn’t need to end there. They can also enjoy coffee chocolate and chocolate-covered espresso beans.



When overwhelmed with darkness, a glimmer of hope is sometimes all a person needs. That’s why Sunshine is such a thoughtful gift for someone going through a separation. Even its contents look and feel like sunshine. It’s a carefully packed bright box of healing turmeric and ginger tea. There's also just the right complement of golden honey with a convenient honey dipper. Your friend can balance this sweet infusion with unroasted dark chocolate. They can add much-needed self-care with soothing oatmeal milk and honey soap while using honey face masks.


One of a Kind


Divorce often impacts a person’s sense of self. Carefully selected gifts for a newly single woman can reassure them and help boost their self-confidence. The One of a Kind gift box is filled with reminders that their well-being is a priority. Journaling can help restore order in a world that seems filled with chaos, and the One of a Kind journal helps them celebrate themselves. A set of pens, black tea, a cleansing candle, and chocolate complete this thoughtful gift set. It will restore your friend’s sense of self as they come to terms with their divorce.


Sleep Well

The Sleep Well gift box helps create a new bedtime routine and can hold the key to overcoming insomnia. Life changes often result in a non-stop litany of thoughts that overpower almost every moment, including when it’s time to sleep. Sleep Well provides the help your friend may need with coastal calming bath salts, a lavender sachet, and a room mist that help promote more restful sleep. It’s a more minimalistic box filled with a great deal of relief.


Shine Bright

Is there a gift or divorce box filled with pure bliss? Shine Bright comes close. It has all the essential items to create feelings of pleasure! They will enjoy so much more than the aroma of turmeric and ginger tea. While sipping this herbal blend, they can cleanse their surroundings with a sea salt + sage candle. A wild honey lip balm and brightly colored hair tie complete this package of joy. It may just be the boost every divorcee needs! 


Pop the Champagne


It may seem like one of the more unconventional gifts for a newly divorced person. However, Pop the Champagne is a suitable gift box if your friend celebrates their newfound freedom. It’s a perfect way to show support as they embrace the possibilities this change can bring. What better way to plan the future than while snacking champagne-infused white chocolate gourmet popcorn? We also can’t forget the smoked sea salt dark chocolate. Your friend can fill their new tumbler with any beverage and give a toast to future possibilities.


Send Hugs

Sometimes, your friends can work things out independently, but it doesn‚Äôt mean they don‚Äôt need our support. Sending a hug can be the reminder they need to let them know you‚Äôre there. The Hug in a Box can convey this, no matter how far apart you are. It‚Äôs a care package with all the essentials ‚ÄĒ herbal tea, a lavender + sage candle, comfy socks, chocolate, and other treats they can enjoy while relaxing. It‚Äôs the ideal package that says, ‚ÄúI‚Äôm here for you if you need me.‚ÄĚ

Helping a Friend Through a Life-Changing Event with Unboxme

A significant change can severely impact the life someone has grown accustomed to. It can also alter their sense of self. It creates a feeling of uncertainty, and it can often be challenging to pick up the pieces and start over. It’s something many people going through a divorce experience.

Every day tasks become difficult. These can include the ones that keep them physically and mentally healthy. You may be at a loss as to how you can help. It's challenging if your friend seems to be slipping into an abyss of sadness, loss, and even depression. 

But you don’t have to feel like a helpless bystander. The key lies in reinforcing your love and support. There are thoughtful gifts for friends going through divorce that show empathy and care.

Choose from a range of handpicked, carefully packaged items at Unboxme. Each item is hand selected with care and made with love that you can pass on to a friend. Then simply personalize with a card filled with words of comfort and support. 

Although they’re perfect gifts for friends going through a divorce, they’re also appropriate for other occasions. Browse our collection and select a box that tells the people in your life how you feel about them.