Even in the best of circumstances, losing an employee is often a tough transition. Change is hard! But giving a farewell gift to the departing employee is a classy gesture that won‚Äôt go unnoticed. Even with remote jobs, where you might not get as much downtime with your coworkers, giving a parting gift acknowledges their departure in a memorable, meaningful way. 

But what if you are unsure of the right gift for a coworker leaving a job? You’ve come to the right place. We’ve carefully curated a list of eight thoughtful employee farewell gifts to show you appreciate their loyalty, hard work, and dedication.


The Importance of Employee Farewell Gifts

It is important to properly say farewell to colleagues to ensure goodwill, express appreciation for their time, and demonstrate company values. It is always a good idea to part ways on a positive note. You never know; you may be coworkers again one day! 

A gift box is an excellent present for a departing employee or coworker. Gift boxes serve multiple purposes; they are full of everyday pick-me-ups that are sure to please, plus items useful for their next chapter in life. Choose a curated gift box full of comforting, cozy treats or celebratory indulgences. Or select one that reflects the conversations you have had around the coffee maker or calls back to a shared interest or activity. 

Whether you have worked with them for years or were a recent hire, giving a goodbye gift to a coworker is thoughtful. It represents your organization well. When employees leave large corporations, the farewell process can sometimes feel stilted or impersonal. But with the right parting gift, whether you are a small business or a large corporation, corporate gifts can be both sincere and valuable.

Parting gifts for coworkers ‚ÄĒ whether from a boss, a team, a coworker, or the entire company ‚ÄĒ show that you wish the departing employee well in their professional endeavors. And since you will no longer be working together, professional relationships going forward may even turn into friendships. Set the right tone with the perfect gift box. 


8 Goodbye Gift Ideas for Employees

So, what is a good going away gift for a coworker? Without further ado, here are eight gift ideas for a coworker leaving for their new adventure. 

Winter Spice Box 

If your employee or coworker is preparing to depart as the weather gets colder, get them this cozy Winter Spice gift box. It is full of wintertime magic to delight the senses. Inside this navy luxe box are goodies to enjoy on one‚Äôs own or share with loved ones. 


Between the stagnant air and the cold weather, being indoors in the winter can feel a bit stifling. But the Winter Spice box includes the Fresh Air reed diffuser to refresh any small indoor space with sea salt-scented reeds. 

The Warm + Cozy soy candle is an instant mood booster with its homey scent of nutmeg and clove ‚ÄĒ perfect for burning while drinking the Winter Spice hot chocolate. That isn‚Äôt just regular cocoa: it is flavored with cinnamon, vanilla, coconut milk, and organic coconut sugar. Plus, it‚Äôs vegan!  

Preparing the hot chocolate in the included white speckled twelve-ounce mug will warm their hands and heart. Finally, indulgent dark chocolate caramels top off this ultra-comforting gift box for the winter season.

Happy Hour Box

Toast to their tenure with the Happy Hour gift box. Classy, sophisticated, and unique, this box includes snacks they won‚Äôt find anywhere else, like Kentucky bourbon black pepper caramel popcorn! This gift box also will introduce them to the wonderful world of bourbon bears‚ÄĒ a new twist on gummy bears flavored with single-barrel Kentucky bourbon. 

Of course, no happy hour-themed box is complete without high-quality beverage crafting supplies. The great thing about the Happy Hour box (and all of Unboxme’s offerings) is that it works equally well whether the recipient prefers cocktails or mocktails. The Moscow Mule cocktail syrup packs the flavor and lasts several rounds of refreshing drinks. Don’t forget to add ice!

Finally, the nourishing, warmly scented Oatmeal Milk + Honey bar soap will help the recipient clean up after Happy Hour concludes. Unwrapping the Happy Hour box is a feast for the eyes, nose, and taste buds!

Pop the Champagne Box

When an employee or coworker leaves, it may be to start a new, exciting chapter in their lives. For example, enrolling in higher education, graduating from a professional program, or beginning a dream role elsewhere are all worthy of recognition. To celebrate their new opportunity, pop the champagne! 

With champagne-flavored popcorn and other treats, this black and gold gift box is the perfect addition to a workplace farewell party. It’s also the ideal way to encourage an at-home celebration for remote workers. Now, let’s get the details on this popcorn. Natural champagne extract subtly flavors this sweet kettle-popped, white chocolate-infused popcorn topped with sugar crystals. Yum!

The coworker with a sweet tooth will love the dark chocolate bar featuring a hint of smoked sea salt, and the champagne-flavored gummies will be their new favorite candy. This box also contains a champagne-gold insulated tumbler, perfect for work, home, or on the go. And with no alcohol included, this gift box should be safe for new moms! 

Suit and Tie Box

Giving a high-quality gift shows you know they are a high-value employee. Show your departing coworker they are worthy of the best with the Suit and Tie gift box. This box makes everyday items ‚ÄĒ like snacks, pens, and soap ‚ÄĒ feel extra special. 

Like Pop the Champagne box, the Suit and Tie box is color coordinated. Black and white goodies fill this navy luxe box. Rosemary truffle almonds by Black Bow Sweets elevate the everyday snack into a gourmet treat. The Bergamot and Grapefruit bar soap with activated charcoal and essential oils has a refreshing scent. One whiff of this handmade soap is enough to refocus and energize one’s mindset.

This box includes a list pad and a set of three felt pens echoing the elegant black, white, and gold theme. Pens and blank pages are inviting and exciting. Your co-worker can use them to record thoughts, big ideas, or de-stressing doodles. They are the perfect addition for an at-home desk or their new job as the recipient writes the next part of their story.

On the Rocks Box

Get the party started with the On the Rocks gift box! It‚Äôs got all the fixings for a fun night in, minus the alcohol itself. Always aesthetically packed, this rustic yet sophisticated gift box is for the employee who likes to kick back and unwind after the workday ‚ÄĒ or on the weekend. It is also ideal for the retiring coworker ready to learn the art of creative cocktail crafting. 

Let’s start with the innovative whiskey wedge glass. Stick this glass in the freezer before pouring in the whiskey. The ice will form a wedge shape, slowly melting as they drink the whiskey, resulting in a perfectly chilled yet not watered-down beverage. Of course, this glass can be used to chill any beverage.

The Charred Oak and Maple cocktail syrup will enhance their next drink with a sweet yet smokey flavor. Dried orange crisps provide a bright drink garnish or a satisfying snack. Finally, beef jerky flavored with bourbon, vanilla, and cinnamon makes this traditionally simple snack one to savor. Whether the employee loves to entertain or enjoys a nightcap in restful solitude, the On the Rocks gift box will surely be a hit. 

Old Fashioned Box

The Old Fashioned gift box is for the employee with good taste and a sweet tooth. And because it doesn‚Äôt contain the actual cocktail, this box could be a fun play on words if you give it to the employee who prefers doing things the ‚Äúold fashioned way,‚ÄĚ like writing by hand instead of typing. Cheers to that! 

Like the On the Rocks box, the Old Fashioned box contains flavorful Charred Oak and Maple syrup for at-home culinary experimentation. Adding this smokey-sweet syrup to an Old Fashioned or any cocktail will make it extra memorable. 

If this coworker likes to keep a jar full of candy on their desk, let this box introduce them to the wonderful world of bourbon bears. Yes, these gummy bears are made with Kentucky bourbon! 

Finally, the dark chocolate sea salt caramels will hit their taste buds with a multi-flavor experience. Sweet, simple, and carefully packed, the Old Fashioned gift box contains well-deserved treats.

But First, Coffee Box

For better or worse, many people rely on coffee to fuel their workday. Because coffee is so essential to the workforce, it‚Äôs easy for professionals to bond over it ‚ÄĒ especially with all the different flavors and new cafes to try, not to mention coffee-flavored snacks! So a coffee-themed farewell gift for a coworker just makes sense. For the coffee lover workmate, the But First, Coffee Box has everything to take the morning coffee routine to new heights. 

Odds are, your departing coworker will still enjoy coffee no matter where life takes them. But let‚Äôs face it ‚ÄĒ we don‚Äôt always have time to brew it at home. Plus, coffee shop lines can take forever, and sometimes the coffee maker at work isn‚Äôt sufficient. 

Having instant coffee as an option will be an absolute lifesaver as the departing employee moves on to their next chapter. In this gift box, the Vietnamese pour-over kit by Copper Cow Coffee includes five coffee packets for an on-the-go boost.

And when a full cup isn‚Äôt needed, little morsels like chocolate-covered espresso beans, coffee caramels, and coffee chocolate will come to the rescue! This gift box also includes a white speckled mug to go with any aesthetic ‚ÄĒ at the workplace or home. A gold-colored stainless steel two-tablespoon coffee scoop completes this gift for at-home brews.

Coffee Break Box

Is your departing coworker one of the millions of Americans who can‚Äôt get enough coffee? According to the National Coffee Association, 65% of Americans drank more coffee than any other beverage in the past day. Not only does coffee sharpen focus and increase energy, but it has also been associated with a lower risk of depression. The Coffee Break gift box celebrates the world‚Äôs favorite caffeinated beverage with four items carefully packed inside a luxe box.  

This going away gift for a coworker includes two pour-over coffee packets from Copper Cow Coffee ‚Äď a smooth, classic Vietnamese blend. But coffee comes in more forms than traditional liquid magic. So when folks can‚Äôt rationalize another cup, the sweet crunch of chocolate-covered espresso beans can be just the thing to help power through the afternoon. This gift box includes a delicious coffee chocolate bar with 58% cocoa content! 

This gift box also contains a golden stainless steel coffee scoop to make the at-home coffee routine more bright and beautiful. Whether your coworker is crushing it at a new gig or just wants to treat themselves, the Coffee Break box is full of energizing, delectable surprises.  


Show Appreciation with a Curated Gift Box from Unboxme

Thoughtful employee farewell gifts can convey appreciation and create lasting memories. By including personalized items that capture their interests, it reflects the value of their contributions. Practical things like quality desk items or personal luxuries like sweets and beverages can aid their future endeavors. Thoughtful choices make farewells more meaningful, expressing gratitude and well-wishes for their future endeavors.

Saying goodbye to a beloved coworker can feel like a stressful transition, but a heartfelt gift brings joy to both the giver and the receiver. A gift box is a beautiful way to show gratitude for an employee‚Äôs hard work and loyalty. Find the perfect goodbye gift to express your appreciation for their service by shopping Unboxme‚Äôs corporate gift boxes, which can be shipped individually or in bulk. 

When you order from Unboxme, you support sustainable small businesses that infuse care and quality into every package. We are a woman-owned and founded company built to nurture strong connections between giver and receiver, just as much as we value the relationship between our suppliers, packers, and shippers. 

Each gift box contains items hand-placed in a bed of supportive crinkle paper and a complimentary card for personalized good wishes. The card will have a simple image to strike the right tone of celebration, encouragement, or whichever sentiment you choose. All boxes can be shipped anywhere in the US.

For all going-away gift ideas, browse Unboxme today. Unboxme also offers gift boxes For Him and Her to celebrate all of life’s special events. We make it easy to celebrate everyone’s journey!