Celebrating Easter with kids is pretty straightforward: paint the eggs, hide them, and break out the chocolate bunnies. But what about celebrating Easter as an adult? More specifically, how can you make the holiday fun and meaningful for the remarkable woman in your life? We’re here to help you brainstorm holiday-ready gifts to infuse her day with as much joy as an Easter egg hunt.

Easter Gifts for Her 

Easter gifts aren‚Äôt just for children. After a long winter, everyone deserves a little pick me up to transition from winter blues to spring hues. What‚Äôs better than a gift box full of goodies to rejuvenate the mind, body, and spirit? As leaves reemerge and flower buds blossom, the perfect Easter gifts align with traditional Easter themes of rebirth and renewal. And maybe even soothe the senses from allergies and pollen! 

Whether you are on the hunt for an Easter basket for a girlfriend or an Easter basket for a wife, all women deserve appreciation for who they are. And Easter is a wonderful time to treat the woman you love with something special.  

Easter Basket Ideas for a Wife or Girlfriend

If you’re not sure how to celebrate the holiday with your wife or girlfriend, Easter basket gifts are sure to be a hit. Here are nine Easter-appropriate gift boxes to send on their own, or incorporate into a larger Easter basket display!

1. Petite Sweets

We all know that women often juggle many roles and responsibilities. If you know a special woman who is constantly on the go, this gift box will encourage her to take a moment for self-care and relaxation.It includes a white sage and lavender soy candle to create serenity and a honey almond natural soap bar to cleanse the body. Plus, light yet decadent raspberry jam drop shortbread cookies and the rose cardamom dark chocolate bar will surely satisfy her sweet tooth.

These sweet and simple goodies express ‚Äúthank you‚ÄĚ and ‚ÄúI love you‚ÄĚ all at the same time, making this joyous gift feel like a warm hug in a box.


2. Tea Time

You can never have enough choices when it comes to tea. And taking the time to enjoy it can turn a whole day around. Instead of a rushed cup on the go, slowing down and savoring the warm beverage will allow the herbs to work their magic, bringing peace and tranquility, and soothing a scratchy throat during allergy season. With this box full of tea accessories, she‚Äôll be equipped to throw a tea party! 

The Tea Time box includes herbal rose tea, a white speckled mug, a soothing white sage and lavender soy candle, and handmade magnolia-scented bar soap. Plus, a decadent rose and cardamom dark chocolate bar that’s kosher, vegan, and gluten-free!


3. Fresh Flowers

This floral themed gift is like spring in a box. This pastel box includes a reed diffuser to make any interior space smell like a spring garden. Petite and not overpowering, this diffuser set includes a glass bottle and four wooden reeds that emanate an aroma of white gardenia, jasmine, and pink peony. And what goes perfectly with floral scents? 

Herbal tea and tea accessories, of course! This gift box also includes a golden tea infuser, a white speckled mug, and organic full-leaf herbal cowslip tea. Finally, within this box, she’ll discover premium milk toffee topped with pecans for a satisfying crunch.


4. Self Care

What about Easter basket ideas for a girlfriend or wife who‚Äôs all about self-care? Holidays like Easter provide a respite from everyday routines and an opportunity to do some self-reflection. This box is full of self-care items to weave a touch of gentleness into the everyday. 

This box includes The Little Book of Self-Care: 200 Ways to Refresh, Restore, and Rejuvenate, which lists lots of easy-to-do activities that inspire intentional rest. More goodies include a rose quartz facial roller to gently massage facial muscles, a bar of lavender chocolate for an uplifting treat, a baby blue silk eye mask for naps, and individually wrapped essential oil-infused towelettes to feel refreshed and moisturized on the go.


5. Rest + Recharge

Women tend to carry the weight of the world on their shoulders. Easter gifts for the wife or girlfriend that lighten those burdens are sure to be appreciated. The Rest + Recharge gift box is packed full of products to be enjoyed not only at Easter but all year long. It includes aromatherapy spray to spritz the body, air, and bedding to encourage harmonious rest, plus additional essential oil to destress and unwind. 

Transform the bathtub into an at-home spa with therapeutic bath salts that turn bathwater pink and fragrant. The lavender and sage candle creates a restful ambiance wherever it is placed. The shea butter soap, hydrating microfiber sheet facial mask, small-batch vanilla cookies, and bath bomb complete this truly abundant gift box!



6. One of a Kind

Every woman is unique. Show that you embrace her individuality by giving a gift that encourages self-expression. The One of a Kind gift box includes a guided journal to inspire self-reflection and expression featuring inspirational quotes and colorful pages. Plus, a pen set to write down her dreams and aspirations. After all, spring is the time of planting seeds, including seeds of inspiration.

The One of a Kind gift box also includes a lavender and white sage soy candle, two tea chocolates, and Edith Gray tea. This black tea is infused with rose and bergamot for a caffeinated yet herbal lift by Big Heart Teas, a woman-founded company that utilizes direct tea sourcing. Arriving in a luxury navy box with a matching bow, this is the perfect Easter gift for a wife who has it all yet still dreams big.



7. Zen

Though it is a joyful holiday, Easter can leave women feeling depleted if they spend too much time taking care of everyone else. Encourage taking some personal time with the Zen gift box. 

It includes gifts to delight the senses and create a sense of calm, such as a baby blue silk eye mask, a lightly scented bath bomb, and two facial sheet masks to nourish the skin with plankton and seawater extracts. Plus, it includes a petite reed diffuser that emanates a light and airy scent, and lavender mint herbal tea, which contains hints of licorice and sage.



8. Lavender Dreams

Lavender blooms in the spring, making it the perfect theme for an Easter gift box. Lavender is naturally calming, which is why so many women love using herbal-scented products in their nighttime routines. 

The Lavender Dreams box includes a French lavender bath bomb, lavender and white sage soy candle, lavender hand cream, firming collagen facial masks, and a lavender reed diffuser to infuse a whole room with tranquility. It all comes in a soft pink box with a pearly white bow.



9. Breakfast in Bed

What better way to wake up on Easter morning than with the Breakfast in Bed box? Sleep in, crack open the window to let in the warm breeze, and enjoy a restful morning with this box full of treats to start the morning off right. 

Is cooking your love language? Use the included ingredients to make the best Easter breakfast (or brunch) together: buttermilk pancake mix, gold stainless steel measuring spoons, and delicious strawberry lemongrass jam to top the fluffy golden pancakes! This gift box also includes a whole-bean espresso blend to start the day the gourmet way.


3 Tips for Easter Gifts for Her 

Tip #1: First, figure out which gift she’d like the most. You don’t want to repeat something she already has, yet you want to make sure she will like it and use it. Pay attention to the products she uses and note if she has any allergies or sensitivities to certain foods or scents. You can always ask her friends and family if she would enjoy a total surprise.

When considering an Easter gift for a girlfriend or wife, there are different ways you can present it to her. If you send her a package, she will experience the joyful surprise of unboxing it when it arrives. This is the obvious delivery method if you live far away from one another. Each Unboxme gift box comes with a card with a personalized message, so she‚Äôll know it‚Äôs from you. 

But if you live together and you want to ensure a surprise, here’s what you can do:

Tip #2: Snag the package as soon as it arrives in the mail before she has a chance to see it. You may need to set up a distraction so she won’t see what you’re up to, or plan it around her schedule. Enlist her friends and family to help; it can be as simple as a timely phone call.

Tip #3: Open the gift box and lay out all the items in an Easter basket along with any other homemade goodies you may have. Use the crinkle paper that pads the gift box to line your Easter basket. Arrange the gifts amongst decorated Easter eggs, fresh-cut flowers, etc. It will make for a beautiful photo to capture the Easter memory!  

Still Unsure What to Get Your Girlfriend for Easter? Browse UnboxMe!

As a female-founded and owned company, we know a thing or two about what to get your wife, girlfriend, or beloved woman in your life. Our luxury gift boxes are designed to make the recipient feel truly seen, appreciated, and loved. We‚Äôre here to help you celebrate special occasions, and bring a little joy into the everyday. 

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