When you think of your aunt ‚ÄĒ whether she‚Äôs a relative or a mother figure you refer to as auntie ‚ÄĒ one thing is sure: she‚Äôs always looking out for you. Your aunt is the one who let you stay up late as a child, was always willing to listen without passing judgment, and could always be persuaded to let you have some chocolate before bedtime.

Christmas is quickly approaching, and you‚Äôre starting to feel stressed about finding the greatest aunt gifts that will make her smile. If you're still stumped, use this list of fantastic gift suggestions that will make your aunt feel appreciated and loved ‚ÄĒ just as she makes you feel all year! Each one is unique and memorable, making it the perfect Christmas gift for the aunt who has given you so many fond memories yourself. There's something for every auntie here, featuring a variety of charming products that will show her just how deeply you care.


10 Christmas Gifts For The Aunt In Your Life 

At the most basic level, your aunt is someone who showers you with presents (and hugs!) whenever they see you. They may be your greatest friend, second mother, or a role model. As a result, when it comes to selecting special gifts for aunts, they need to leave an impact. Here are 10 thoughtful Christmas gift ideas for aunts:


  1. Hug in a Box

Hug in a Box is a truly cozy Christmas gift for an aunt this holiday season. After all, we all need a gentle nudge to remember to take care of ourselves from time to time. Invite her to light a candle, take a bath, and set aside some time for relaxation and self-care. And don’t forget about the warm socks and delicious sweets to complete the package. In minutes, she’ll be floating away on a cloud of self-love.

What's in the box:

‚ô• Cup of Love Tea: This rose tea is like a hug from your grandmother, closest friend, or that special someone in your life who understands you. Rose and tulsi are the only two basic, certified organic components in Cup of Love.

‚ô• Lavender + White Sage Candle: This hand-poured Lavender + White Sage fragrance candle will help to relax the mind and body. In a stylish glass container, embrace these 4 ounces of hand-poured soy wax joy.

‚ô• Cloud Socks - Cream: Your aunt will feel like she‚Äôs walking on clouds with these plush knit socks made of the softest cloth she‚Äôs ever felt. 

‚ô• Shea Butter Hand Cream: Our vegan Shea Butter lotion has a silky smooth texture and a nourishing mix that moisturizes and repairs even the driest skin. All of our products are cruelty-free, vegan, and produced using natural ingredients.

‚ô• Mini Raspberry Chocolate, Mini Coffee Chocolate: This old-school combo gets a new twist with additional raspberries, dark chocolate, and less added sugar, sweetened with real raspberries. 

‚ô• Love Bath: Treat your aunt to luxury with this easy, mild herbal bath. Rose, hibiscus, and pink Himalayan salt are blended by hand to immerse her in self-love.


Lavender Dreams

If you can’t gather as a family in person this winter, then show your aunt how much you miss her with the perfect Christmas presents for auntie. With herbal tea, scented candles, hand cream, and more, everything is lavender and she’ll be feeling relaxed in no time. Any aunt will be enticed with the soothing allure of this present.

What's in the box:

♥ Lavender Bar Soap: This Lavender Bar Soap is formulated with natural, moisture-rich ingredients to leave your favorite aunt’s skin clean, smooth, and revitalized! For a mild exfoliating scrub to revitalize her skin, use Lavender Flowers + Essential Oil.

‚ô• Lavender + White Sage Candle: This hand-poured Lavender + White Sage fragrance candle will help to relax the mind and body. In a glass jar, this luxury candle features 4 oz of hand-poured soy wax.

‚ô• Vegan Lavender Hand Cream: With pure plant ingredients, Lavender & Sage Lotion soothes and relaxes the senses, offering the ultimate exquisite spa experience.

‚ô• White Speckled Mug: Natural baked bottom 12oz White Speckled Mug for sipping tea in style.

‚ô• 2 Packets of Peace Of Mind Herbal Tea: A fragrant gift made of hawthorn blossoms, lemon balm, and mint. This tea is cultivated and harvested entirely in the Pacific Northwest.

‚ô• Cloud Socks: Treat her to warm and cozy feet this winter and a sweet reminder of you each time she puts them on.


On the Rocks

Looking for unique auntie Christmas presents? Then serve her an Old Fashioned! Think of this as the gift of happy hour from home, with the ideal drink and snack combination. Because there's no better way to show her how much she means to you if you can't say cheers in person.

What's in the box:

‚ô• Whiskey Glass: Whiskey Wedge is a sophisticated method to cool her favorite spirits. It's the perfect glass for anyone who appreciates sipping whiskey slowly. The ice produces a wedge shape on one side of the glass as it freezes. When she pours a drink, the wedge melts gently, preserving the flavor of her drink.

‚ô• Charred Oak & Maple Cocktail Syrup: Perfectly made to give her Old Fashioned (or any traditional drink) a toasty, oaky richness. 

‚ô• Orange Crisps: These dried California orange crisps are just the right amount of sweet with no added sugars, making them ideal for injecting extra flavor into their drinks or nibbling while she savors her evening cocktail.

♥ Bourbon Franklin Beef Jerky: Bourbon Franklin is a unique take on beef jerky. A fourth of July’s worth of bourbon, a bit of vanilla bean, and a smidgeon of cinnamon round out the recipe.


Rosy & Bright

Have an aunt that can’t make it to the family gathering? Send her a basket of hugs with these fun Christmas gifts for aunts. Spiced tea, hand-crafted cinnamon chocolates, silky fuzzy socks, crispy oranges coated in dark chocolate, and more are just a few of the items on the menu.

What's in the box:

‚ô• Rosy & Bright Organic Tea: Hibiscus and rose are combined with cinnamon and black tea from Assam. Brews a lovely magenta cup with a bit of spice for the holidays. Designed to keep your aunt rosy-cheeked and cheerful this Christmas season.

‚ô• Cinnamon Milk Chocolate: A timeless favorite, this festive blend of cinnamon, toasted almonds, and a hint of vanilla is a holiday must-have. They are poured by hand in Portland, Oregon.

‚ô• Dark Chocolate Covered Orange Crisps: These blood orange crisps from California are coated in decadent chocolate and make the perfect snack.

♥ Cashmere + Plum Soy Candle: This warm and comfortable candle has an authentic winter scent and will make her feel like she’s in the middle of a winter wonderland.

‚ô• Luxe Cloud Socks In Stone: Keep her stylish and warm this winter with these luxury-made socks. 


Fireplace Essentials

Looking for what to get your aunt for Christmas that can soothe her while enjoying a good book by firelight? You can give her just that! Here’s everything she’ll need for a relaxing evening by the fire. A gorgeous linen notepad and pen to inspire her creativity, as well as handmade chocolates, vegan hand lotion, and warm socks, are included.

What's in the box:

‚ô• Gold Pen + Light Blue Linen Journal: This elegant linen-covered diary is the perfect place to keep track of everything from her to-do lists to her wildest dreams. You may even want to get one for yourself to note down this beautiful Christmas gift idea for your aunt.

‚ô• Dark Chocolate: This dark chocolate bar is everything but ordinary, hand-poured in Portland, Oregon, and features rich roasted aromas with a peculiar tinge of fruit.

♥ Shea Butter Hand Cream This vegan Shea Butter lotion has a silky smooth texture and a nourishing and moisturizing mix that repairs dry skin during even the coldest of seasons. Not to mention you can give this gift guilt-free; it’s cruelty-free, vegan, and produced using natural ingredients.

♥ Cashmere + Plum Soy Candle: Nothing says cozy like this aromatic cashmere and plum soy candle, and she’ll think of you each time she lights it.

‚ô• Luxe Cloud Socks In Stone: For those nights when the wind is whistling outside, help her keep the cold out with these plush socks.


Cocoa by the Fire

Make a grown-up hot chocolate. Small batch artisanal hot chocolate, hand-crafted peppermint caramels, plus plush comfortable socks, a mug, and a candle are all included.

What's in the box:

‚ô• 2 Packets of Hot Cocoa: Each packet contains a single serving of gourmet hot chocolate and comes in a variety of flavors. Two packets are included so you can enjoy them together.

‚ô• Caramels with Chocolate and Peppermint: Tongue-tingling caramel with refreshing peppermint and luscious chocolate that melts in her mouth.

‚ô• Soy Candle with Cashmere and Plum: Give her the gift of warmth with this luxury candle, featuring a soothing and earthy scent.

‚ô• White Speckled Mug with Natural Baked Bottom: A luxury mug to pair with luxury hot chocolate. Any trendy aunt will love this mug and is sure to use it for coffee and tea in the future.

‚ô• Stone Luxe Cloud Socks: Give the gift of comfort with these stylish cloud socks. They‚Äôre unisex and guaranteed to fit. 


Cozy Nights

For the aunt who loves her me-time, this gift is perfect for her cozy nights in. Whether it’s for relaxing with a movie or for video calls with family, this gift is sure to please.

What's in the box:

‚ô• Cozy Night Herbal Tea: This tea is naturally calming, featuring a luxurious blend of chamomile and mints. For the aunt who loves a good bedtime tea, the Cozy Night herbal tea is the tea for her. 

‚ô• Spearmint and Eucalyptus Bath Bomb: Nothing says ‚Äúcozy night in‚ÄĚ more than a refreshing bath bomb. This clean bundle of aromas is built with essential oils from two of nature‚Äôs best aromas: brisk spearmint and cooling eucalyptus. 

♥ Cashmere + Plum Soy Candle: We can’t get enough of this candle, and your aunt won’t either. The fruity yet earthy aroma will soothe her, melting away any holiday stress.

‚ô• White Speckled Ceramic Mug: This stunning mug will guarantee your aunt thinks of you each time she‚Äôs sipping hot chocolate in style. 

‚ô• Luxe Cloud Socks In Stone: Your aunt deserves luxury and no one doesn‚Äôt love a pair of cozy socks. These cloud socks are the ultimate cozy night-in apparel. 



The healing power of a thoughtful gift can’t be understated. Invite your aunt to take a breath, pause, and give herself the time and care she deserves. Treat her to a relaxing bath in the tub while a sage candle burns, or drink calming ginger tea in a gorgeous porcelain mug. Whatever your aunt’s preference, unpacking these treats will make her feel warm and fuzzy no matter what.

What's in the box:

‚ô• Lemon Ginger Tea: Lemon Ginger Tea has delicate Himalayan silver tips and sweet white peony tea blended with lemon and ginger for a refreshing taste.

‚ô• Oatmeal + Honey Bath Bomb: Made with oats and ideal for a pleasant and relaxing soak, this perfectly-sized bath bomb will treat her to one very luxurious bath. 

‚ô• Sea Salt + Sage Tin Candle: This hand-poured Sea Salt + Eucalyptus fragranced candle will help to relax the mind and body. Features a 3 oz soy wax in a gold tin, hand-poured.

‚ô• Cloud Socks - Cream

‚ô• White Speckled Mug


Royal Treatment

Are you looking for Christmas gifts ideas for aunts that will make them feel like royalty? There‚Äôs no better way to treat someone like a queen than by pampering her. So give her this royal gift, featuring everything from sheet masks to candles, bath bombs, to decadent goodies. Every woman deserves to be treated like a princess for a day, especially the special aunt in your life. 

What's in the box:

‚ô• Spearmint & Eucalyptus Bath Bomb:Sharp spearmint and calming eucalyptus aromas will refresh her senses and treat her to a luxurious bath. A mix of essential oils and soothing fragrances create this fresh, crisp aroma. Spearmint & Eucalyptus is a refreshing way to start the day or a soothing way to unwind in the evening.

‚ô• Royal Treatment Tea: This herbal Royal Treatment tea will help to bring her mind and body back into harmony with a smooth taste and a calming aroma.

‚ô• 2x Cica Sheet Masks: What says pampering more than a face mask? These masks are great for healing dry skin, featuring a moisturizing blend of aloe leaf and cucumber extract. 

‚ô• Unroasted Green Tea Chocolate: Cozy adult treats with a satisfying crunch is the perfect companion with the Royal Treatment tea, made with genmaicha green tea-infused dark chocolate and protein-rich (yes you read, right) quinoa. There are no nuts or soy in this product.

‚ô• Sea Salt + Sage Tin Candle: This hand-poured Sea Salt + Eucalyptus fragranced candle will help to relax the mind and body. 3 oz soy wax in a gold tin, hand-poured.

‚ô• Cloud Socks

‚ô• White Speckled Mug



Winter is a well-known time for colds. Why not send your aunt a self-care kit filled with immune boosters to help her keep the sniffles at bay? All of her senses will be flooded with affection thanks to raw honey, herbal tea, comfortable socks, and our favorite essential oil combo. Send positive vibes from Denver, CO, hand-packed with love.

What's in the box:

‚ô• Elderberry Healer Tea: The calming botanical combination of this super tea features luscious elderberry. Elderberry has been used to strengthen the immune system in folk herbal medicines for centuries. The blend is fortified with warming ginger and nourishing hibiscus. A dash of licorice root adds natural sweetness, while grapefruit essential oil adds an excellent brightness to the finish.

‚ô• Lavender + White Sage Candle: This hand-poured Lavender + White Sage fragrance candle will help to relax the mind and body. In a glass jar, 4 oz of hand-poured soy wax.

‚ô• Brazil Raw Wildflower Honey: Brazil-sourced raw wildflower honey, 4 oz.

‚ô• Immunity Essential Oil: This invigorating roll-on strengthens the body's natural defenses. It comprises clove, lemon, cinnamon, eucalyptus, rosemary, tangerine, and nutmeg oils and has a pleasant spicy scent.

‚ô• Cloud Socks:


Give Your Aunt a Christmas to Remember

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