You‚Äôve found the love of your life and you‚Äôve been living in harmony for a blissful six years. But your anniversary is coming up and you‚Äôre wondering what to do for a 6 year anniversary gift. It may not have the excitement of the first anniversary or the significance of the twenty-five-year milestone, but your sixth year together has meaning. 

We believe you should celebrate every year as if it were your first, so dazzle your significant other with these unique 6th wedding anniversary gifts. But before we delve into some of our favorite creative 6th anniversary gift ideas for her and him, let’s discuss the major themes that highlight this landmark occasion.


What are the 6th Wedding Anniversary Gift Themes?

So, where do you start when it comes to shopping for a 6th year anniversary gift? It depends on where you live (or where you and/or your significant other is from), as the 6th anniversary traditional gift differs worldwide. Candy and sweets is typically the most common gift to symbolize the sweetness of married life. Within the US, the classic gift is anything made of wood or iron to show the strength, fortitude, and lasting bond of a successful marriage.

Modern themes typically focus on wood to show solidarity and wisdom. Several other characteristics adorn the sixth year of bliss, including:

Color - White, turquoise, and purple

Gemstone - Amethyst or a turquoise garnet

Flower - Calla lily

You may be wondering why the calla lily is such an important part of the sixth marital year. It originates from Roman times when this flower became a popular symbol of celebration. It is thought to embrace all the characteristics of faith, purity, and beauty.

If flowers don‚Äôt feel right or don‚Äôt feel like enough to show your love, don‚Äôt worry. There‚Äôs a 6 year wedding anniversary gift out there for that special someone in your life. We know it can be hard to come up with inspiration, which is why we‚Äôve put together this list of some of the greatest 6th wedding anniversary gifts to mark yet another year together ‚ÄĒ and demonstrate your excitement for many more. 


The Best Sweet Gifts for Your 6th Wedding Anniversary

Bring out the sweetness in your marriage with exquisite, artisan candy to be enjoyed together by the fire. Here are some of the sweetest 6th wedding anniversary gifts that feature candy with a luxurious twist.

1. Espresso Box of Love and Cookies

For a sophisticated candy treat, try this box of coffee and Chocolate Espresso cookies. These cookies are made and prepared locally in South Carolina and feature a rich and mellow flavor without a strong aftertaste. Enjoy rich, creamy chocolate with a touch of espresso while sipping on exotic Vietnamese pour-over coffee in a white speckled mug. You can either snack on these delectable treats over a cup of coffee or with a cheeky glass of red on your big night. For the chocolate or coffee lover in your life, sample these delights.


2. Cozy Box of Hot Chocolate and Peppermint Caramels

Searching for candy that’s going to make your big celebration that extra bit special? Brew some gourmet hot chocolate in a trendy mug and enjoy delectable chocolate peppermint caramels that deliver a touch of luxury with rich, first-rate chocolate and cool peppermint. Light a cashmere and plum soy candle, snuggle by the fire in the world’s softest socks, and you have the ideal treat for your 6-year anniversary gift.


3. Royal Gift For Your King or Queen

Wedding anniversaries are a time to pamper your special someone, so give them the royal treatment with this box of luxury unroasted green tea chocolate and aromatic herbal tea. Consisting of the darkest of chocolate infused with genmaicha green tea and crunchy quinoa, this treat will make anyone feel spoiled. With a sea salt and sage soy candle, a pair of plush cloud socks, and two moisturizing face masks, your romantic self-care night-in is off to a start!


4. Hug in a Box

What’s better than a hug from the one you love? This 6-year anniversary gift box includes everything to make your partner feel warm and fuzzy inside. Featuring herbal tea and goodies made with real raspberries, dark chocolate, and only a dash of sugar, you can show them just how sweet you think they are. Pamper them with socks that feel like walking on clouds, a luxurious bath set, and silky smooth shea butter hand cream.


5. Romantic Night By the Fire 

What‚Äôs more romantic than spending a night snuggling by the fire, talking about dreams and reminiscing on memories from when you first met? This gift includes everything you need for an unforgettable 6th wedding anniversary night in. Complete with decadent chocolates, a cozy candle, and a gorgeous notebook for doodling your dreams, you and your special someone can spend all night doing what you do best ‚ÄĒ enjoying each other‚Äôs company.


Beautiful Wooden Gifts for Your 6th Wedding Anniversary

So you opted for a romantic gift box, but want to add a little something extra? As we mentioned earlier, gifts made of wood symbolize the strength and stability of your marriage. Here are some mesmerizing gifts made (almost) entirely out of wood. Pro-tip: wooden gifts are perfect for customized engravings to make the gift a little bit more special.

  1. Wooden Watch

Climb to the pinnacle of style with a wooden watch. Crafted from rustic wood and featuring stainless steel/quartz innards with a tough glass covering, these watches are elegant and easy on the eye. What’s more, they’re ideal unisex 6th wedding anniversary gifts, so why not get a stylish matching pair?

  1. Engraved Wooden Coaster

Not every important gift has to be expensive. Oftentimes, it’s the gifts that you use the most that end up being the most valuable because they make you think of that special someone more often. Carve your love into a wooden coaster. Chic coasters with both of your initials inside a heart are perfect for a living room or office desk. Most sellers allow you to purchase them in sets, so you can outfit the whole dining room with them if you please.

  1. Oak Ring

Oak is a stunning type of wood that’s designed to last for an eternity. Wooden rings are unique and sure to catch people’s eye at any gathering. Trendy and modern, opt for the whisky barrel style for a twist on this progressive wooden finger ornament. For an extra piece of thoughtfulness, consider engraving the inside of the ring with a secret message only you two will understand.


Great Iron Gift Ideas for Your 6th Wedding Anniversary

One of the most common symbols for the 6th anniversary traditional gift is iron. Although iron gifts are much less common than they used to be, some people like to stick to the classics, and for good reason. Iron brings words like strong, durable and everlasting to mind ‚ÄĒ just like your marriage.

Many couples pass down gifts from their parents who celebrate the iron gift tradition, but if you‚Äôre looking to add a new family heirloom, take a look at these unique twists on a traditional gift. These gifts are also easily engraved for an extra personalized touch.  

  1. Iron Jewelry Dish

Why not celebrate your wedding anniversary with the perfect 6th year anniversary gift for her? An iron jewelry dish forged and finished is a thoughtful gift that will make her think of you every time she sees it. While this is typically a gift for her, it also functions as a stylish 6-year wedding anniversary gift for him that can be used as a change dish or storing for cufflinks. Add a touch of class to any home with a selection of iron jewelry dishes. Bonus points if you opt for the unique handmade option!

  1. Iron Rose

Flowers are always a winner in most marriages, but the problem with real roses is that the fragrant smell and decadent looks only last for a week or two. Nobody wants a withering, dying plant sitting on the mantel. Instead, why not get one of the most creative 6th-anniversary gift ideas for her in the form of an iron rose? These forever roses are sold worldwide and look great when paired with real flowers. If you’re going all-out this year, opt for a small bouquet of iron flowers for your celebration. What’s more, many artists even make their iron roses from reclaimed scrap iron, so you can feel good about making an eco-friendly choice!

  1. Iron Floor Planter

Sticking to the topic of plants (especially if you opted for the calla lily and want to add some flair), one of the best iron gifts for him or her is the iron floor planter. These planters are made of iron so that they can sit inside or outside. While the idea of an iron planter may seem too simplistic to fit into a modern home, many models come finished with other metals to make them more ornate. You can also pair it with a chic plant stand for an extra sleek look.

  1. Iron Serving Bowl

Add a rustic look to any home with an iron serving bowl. While most people wouldn’t immediately think of iron for serving food, they work great with dry, non-acidic foods, such as bread and crackers. Plus, they even work well with seasonal flowers, gourds, or even decorative elements. Make an iron serving bowl the centerpiece of any dining room or kitchen on the day of your sixth wedding anniversary party.

  1. Forged Iron Earrings

You can never go wrong with jewelry for that special someone in your life. One of the best iron anniversary gifts for her could include some forged iron earrings engraved with both of your initials or your wedding date. These earrings are not made of gold or silver; therefore, they‚Äôre guaranteed to create a natural focal point and can be worn with any ensemble. Opt for simple iron earrings or add a gemstone for a dash of color. Combine with the traditional stones (amethyst or a turquoise garnet) for a more traditional approach to celebrating your sixth year together. If you‚Äôre looking for iron anniversary gifts for him, opt for iron cuff links with the date you met engraved. 



Shopping for anniversary gifts can be a challenge, especially as the years go by. But what says love more than a personalized gift? We believe that gifts should be about showing the person you love just how well you know them, which is why we hand-pick curated boxes of artisan and luxury items for that special someone in your life. Didn‚Äôt find a box that felt just perfect for your significant other? Why not build your own 6th wedding anniversary gift with Unboxme? Simply choose a box, select goodies ranging from gourmet candies to luxury items, fill out your card. That‚Äôs it! 

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