21st Birthday Gift Ideas

The Absolute Best 21st Birthday Gift Ideas for Women

Turning 21 is a rite of passage. Your friend, partner, or relative is about to be an adult who can make their own choices about classy wine, Irish whiskey, or trendy hard seltzer! But whether or not they choose to get boozy, they deserve to know how much you care. So if you’re wondering how to make the day special for your favorite soon-to-be 21-year-old, it’s time to think of some fun gift ideas, be supportive of whatever the night may bring, and prepare to celebrate! 

How to Find the Perfect 21st Birthday Presents

Whether you’re celebrating virtually, hosting a casual night in, or finally getting together for a well-deserved rager, the perfect gift exists for every occasion and person. Sometimes it takes a little brainstorming to figure that out. After all, some people are hard to shop for, and others seem to have it all already. But the 21st birthday is special: it can be boozy or cozy, big or small, wild or relaxing. With that in mind, when you’re looking for a gift for your birthday girl, here are some questions to help you narrow down the perfect gifts for 21st birthday:


  1. Would she appreciate something sweet and sentimental, or funny and sassy?

  2. Does she like to go out or stay in?

  3. What are her passions, hobbies, or interests?

21 Creative 21st Birthday Gift Ideas for Her

Still not sure what to get? Let us help you navigate the line between classic and totally off-trend, funny and tacky, and traditional and boring. Here are 21 gift ideas that are cute, sentimental, unique, and especially for besties. 

Cute 21st Birthday Gifts

All 21-year-olds want to be cute. It’s just a fact. Get her something adorable that will also make her feel special. 


1. UnboxMe Gift Box

UnboxMe has lots of feel-good, cozy gift options to choose from. Fill a box with fluffy socks, scented candles, calming tea, cocktail accessories, and more. There’s truly something for everybody. Build your own, or pick one out that’s already prepared and ready to ship!


2. Colorful Birthday Herbal Tea Set

After a legendary 21st birthday party, some calming, organic tea may be in order for the birthday girl. This hexagonal-shaped box comes with six different types of fruity and herbal teas for different needs and occasions, such as Velvety Evening or Sip of Energy. Plus, the colorful box is perfect for reuse: to store more tea or reuse in some other creative way. 


3. Whiskey Making Kit

Give the gift on a hands-on activity. This is a fun gift, or it could BE the party. This kit includes herbs, spices, woodchip blends, two glass bottles, six stainless steel ice cubes, and customizable labels. (Alcohol not provided.) Plus, it’s got biodegradable and plastic-free packaging! Perfect for whiskey aficionados and amateurs alike.


4. Pink Champagne Candle

This 2-wick scented soy candle is perfect for the birthday girl who perhaps isn’t a big drinker but still enjoys the finer things in life. It lasts about 50 hours! It uplifts any atmosphere: perfect to burn during a party, on a low-key night in, or while in the bath. 


5. “Finally 21” Tiara and Sash

This tiara and sash set is a must for bar hopping if you want to supply the birthday girl with free drinks all night! She will shine in the glittery, golden, rhinestone tiara and the sparkly sash. One size fits all. Perfect for memorable photos! 


6. Let’s Get Fizzical: More than 50 Bubbly Cocktail Recipes with Prosecco, Champagne, and other Sparkling Wines

Now that the new 21-year-old can freely go to the liquor store, it’s time to learn how to make a great cocktail! But this isn’t your everyday cocktail recipe collection: this hardcover book offers classic recipes and tips and tricks to make creative concoctions based on the best bubbly ingredients. With over 50 drink recipes and beautiful photos to explain how to proportion the ingredients, Let’s Get Fizzical can double as a stand-out coffee table book, too.

Sentimental 21st Birthday Gifts for Her

Even if the birthday girl’s love language isn’t receiving gifts, these presents are sure to melt her heart. Pair them with a heartfelt card, and you’re golden. 

7. Birthday Milestone Bracelet

Twenty-one years may not seem like a long time to some, but a lot can happen in those two decades. This delicate, minimalist bracelet is perfect for the classy girl who wants to be reminded of how far she’s come. With one gold-dipped bead for every year of life, this lightweight bracelet is adjustable and nickel-free.


8. 21 Bucket List Guided Journal

This journal is perfect for recording and brainstorming 100 bucket list items for the adventurous, ambitious, dreamy 21-year-old. With guided prompts for inspiration, this 6x9 inch book will fit perfectly in a traveler’s backpack. Giving her this personal tool will help her manifest her wildest dreams.


9. Symbolically Adopt an Endangered Animal

For the animal lover in your life, the World Wildlife Fund offers the opportunity to direct your one-time donation to a specific species, from penguins to anacondas. Select your donation price and receive some cute goodies in the mail, like a stuffed animal version of your chosen animal and an adoption certificate. If your soon-to-be 21-year-old loves animals but can’t have them in her apartment complex, for example, this is sure to make her smile. 


10. The Defining Decade: Why Your Twenties Matter - And How to Make the Most of Them Now

This New York Times bestseller is the perfect companion to get a new 21-year-old through an unforgettable, roller coaster of a decade. Psychologist Dr. Meg Jay provides her signature kind-hearted, much-needed wisdom to help make the most of the highs and lows to come.

11. Hanging Photo Display

Present this display with photos of you and the birthday girl, full of the birthday girl’s fondest memories, or as a fun project for your crafty birthday friend, partner, relative, or coworker. This vertical display can hang 30 photos from a framed blackboard. Perfect for making a room, dorm, or workplace a little homier.

Unique 21st Birthday Gifts for Her

You’re only 21 once. Get her something that no one else will! 


12. 21 in ‘21 Unisex Hoodie

Turning 21 in 2021 is really something to celebrate. No one has been able to claim “21 in ‘21” since 100 years ago - back before they had personalized sweatshirts on the Internet! This hoodie for men or women comes in a variety of sizes and colors and has a 5 star average on Etsy with over 17,000 happy buyers! 


13. Make your own scrapbook!

If your friend is crafty, get them this cute 12 inch by 12 inch customizable scrapbook to fill with memories of the past or memories to come. Better yet, fill it yourself with photos and mementos of your time together and silly stickers that remind you of them. With ten top-loading, protected, acid-free, archival page protectors and cardstock inserts, you know it’ll last a lifetime. There’s something special about memories you can hold in your hand - not just saved on your phone.


14. Birthdate Candle

This unique candle is perfect for the astrologically-inclined birthday girl. Its label features enlightening information about the astrology, numerology, and signature tarot cards for the birthday itself, and the personality of the person born on that special day. It can burn up to 80 hours! It can also be paired with a birthdate book, which includes even more natal chart information, or the tarot candle trio pack.


15. Cake with Flying Butterflies

Send your birthday girl a cake she’ll never forget! Colorful butterflies literally fly out of this cake when the box is opened: four wound-up butterflies will take flight and delight the birthday girl. It also includes a mini chocolate chip bundt cake with faux flowers - and personalized photos, if you so choose.


16. Instant Polaroid Camera

This Polaroid Go Starter Set includes the mini camera and color film ready to capture memories! This camera includes a self-timer (a must for inclusive party photos) and is small enough for easy travel. Perfect for parties, adventures, travel, or capturing the magic of daily life.